Trampoline Access Ladder

Climbing on to the jumping mat may prove difficult - and even dangerous - for the younger jumpers. This is why France Trampoline supplies trampoline step-ladders.

Have fun in complete safety with our trampoline step-ladder

As an outdoor activity enjoyed by all, the trampoline lets you perform jumps and figures in an enclosed, safe space. With the trampoline step-ladders, your children will no longer need to jump down from the mat, thereby limiting the risk of injury in case of a fall.

Very easy to install, our trampoline step-ladders may be set up within minutes. They are also easily removable. We supply several different-sized models so that you may purchase a trampoline step-ladder adapted to your installation.

The trampoline step-ladder: an ergonomical accessory

France Trampoline's years of experience ensures dynamic, fun, and especially safe trampoline sessions. Your trampoline experience is optimized with our trampoline step-ladders! This very practical accessory makes it easy to access the jumping mat, especially for young children, for moments of safe fun.

The robustness of the step-ladder supports the weight of children and adults. It may remain outdoors year-round, just like our trampolines in galvanized steel. They won't take up any room in your garage. Its two wide steps allow you to place your feet flatly on them to maintain your balance while climbing up and down. They are also slip-resistant. Our trampoline step-ladders are also equipped with non-slip feet to stabilize their position on the ground.

Effortlessly secure your trampoline

Purchasing a trampoline step-ladder is not only a practical decision but also a safety option. It keeps small children from endangering themselves by grabbing onto the protection pad to hoist themselves up, and then jumping from the pad to the ground. For optimal stability under any circumstances, opt for a step-ladder with non-slip steps!

Parents may also limit children's access to the trampoline by simply removing the step-ladder. This way play times are clearly defined and under adult supervision. Purchasing a trampoline step-ladder ensures that children have fun in complete safety, and parents can finally relax!

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