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    This family sized trampoline of 3.66 m in diameter is the most sought-after trampoline for children.

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    Oval 430 trampoline with safety enclosure. With its elongated shape, children and adults will be able to perform more complex jumps and figures and invent new ball games.

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    Octopulse 390 octagonal trampoline with safety enclosure. A trampoline combining power for athletes and comfort for the whole family. Its shape lets jumpers accomplish technical jumps without automatically landing in the centre of the jumping mat.

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    Rectangular Apollo Sport 400 trampoline with safety enclosure. Designed for freestyle-loving teens and adults. This high-end trampoline is built to last for many years.

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Our leisure trampolines, quality and strong points

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net posts

Trampoline stability is enhanced by the net posts

The wide galvanised steel net posts are placed on the ground and are attached to the trampoline legs at two points. This design, on the one hand, reinforces the strength of the net and, on the other hand, increases the stability of the whole structure.

+ Net post diameter: between 32 and 42 mm
+ Steel thickness of the posts: between 1.2 and 2 mm


Long, powerful springs

Our trampolines are equipped with a minimum of 42 springs measuring 165 mm in length top guarantee powerful jumps even on the smaller models. Our trampoline springs are completely rustproof and adapted to our different trampoline models accordingly, to provide entire satisfaction to all our customers, whether they are adults, teens, or children.

+ Spring lengths: from 165 to 230 mm, depending on the models
+ Winding tension: tightly wound for dynamic, powerful jumps


Very thick protection pad

Our trampoline protection pads are among the thickest on the market. Firmly maintained in place with elastic cords attached under the jumping mat, they cover the springs entirely. They are UV-resistant and tear-proof, and designed for outdoor use.

+ Inner foam density: 25 kg/m3, EPE mono-block
+ Closed cell foam, resistant to freezing temperatures and humidity
+ Outer cover in 650g/m2 PVC technical fabric

Safety net and door

Safety net and door

The safety of the trampoline is reinforced by a double closure of the net: a zipped door + carabiners on the outside. The fine-mesh textile net is made of a very resistant UV-resistant fabric. It protects the jumpers and prevents children from getting their fingers caught in the mesh.

+ Technical fabric: from 100 to 160 g/m² PE
+ Double stitching on the entryway to avoid tearing

jumping mat

Reinforced jumping mat

Our very resistant trampoline jumping mats are made of technical mesh. UV-resistant, they are equipped with triangular hooks that are reinforced with 8 rows of stitches for additional robustness. These hooks are also rustproof, will not be torn off the mat, and are extremely resistant to stretching..

+ 25 mm reinforced straps for mounting brackets
+ Central mark to maintain one’s bearings


100% robust, galvanized frame

The frame of our trampolines is rapidly assembled thanks to our innovative T-shaped junction parts. Manufactured without any welding, the parts are assembled for enhanced solidity and to avoid any breakage, unlike trampolines the rims of which have been welded to the frame.

+ Stamped steel, very thick, rustproof
+ Diameter: between 32/38 mm and 48/42 mm, based on the models


Very resistant net rods

The safety enclosure is reinforced at the top by fiberglass rods. Its net posts are protected by thick foam covered in a thick, UV-resistant PVC sleeve designed for outdoor use all year long. The trampoline is very easy to set up and take down.

+ UV-resistant 450g/m2 PVC sleeves
+ 10-mm thick protective foam
+ Reinforced PVC sheath to avoid any risk of tearing

France Trampoline

Since 1971, we’ve been dedicated to providing you with quality trampolines.

The robustness of the materials, the thickness of the components, the solidity of the frame, and the safety aspects of the parts are the criteria that make up our very strict specifications to provide you with a quality trampoline that will last for years!

Discover the strong points of our trampolines in pictures.

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