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Buying a trampoline online and choosing among so many discount resellers and non-specialized sites can prove to be a daunting task with no guarantee of quality assurance. Many online sites offer inexpensive trampolines without offering any solid product warranties. Since 2005, France Trampoline’s e-commerce site has been the leading reference when it comes to sports and leisure trampolines.

Purchasing a trampoline is often an investment and so requires the buyer to know exactly who designs and sells the trampolines, the craftsmanship that went into manufacturing them, and the reliability and reputation of the manufacturer.

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The leading French trampoline provider since 1971

Close to 50 years of experience in sports and leisure trampolines.

Created in 1971, France Trampoline has always been France’s forerunner in the leisure trampoline industry. We distribute our production lines to individuals, professionals, sports clubs, beach clubs, amusement parks, and local and regional communities.

As France’s leading trampoline manufacturer and distributor, we are also the sole French manufacturer of custom-made sports and leisure trampolines (excluding imported lines) and the market leader. Our goal is to provide all our customers with the finest quality trampolines: uncompromising when it comes to the safety and quality of our trampolines, our expertise has been recognized for nearly 50 years, and our stellar, sustainable products and equipment have been available to our customers via our e-commerce site since 2005.

France Trampoline is a family business whose values are based on efficiency and technical specifications, with particular attention paid to the customer’s precise needs and delivery dates.

We carefully assess your requirements and respond to your demands by offering you reliable, high-performance, secure equipment. We consider it our duty to offer you the best possible quality, and invite you to visit our Customer Satisfaction page to learn more.

Our motto: safety and reliability

Our experience in the design and manufacturing of trampolines and technical canvases allows us to offer you not only the best possible quality but also a very personalized after-sales service.

We have always maintained very high standards when it comes to the safety and sturdiness of our jumping mats, and frame and leg tubing for a very simple reason: to ensure user safety. Over time, these high safety standards have become our corporate trademark.

We routinely carry out quality assurance controls on all our equipment. In addition, registered safety control organizations are called upon to certify that our products meet the current safety and security guidelines.

Innovation at the heart of the trampoline manufacturing process

Innovation is at the heart of our business. Our technicians, specialists in sports and leisure trampolines, are constantly seeking out new products and materials to better meet your evolving demands.

Today we offer a range of over 60 trampolines.

Our team of specialists at your service

Need advice regarding the maintenance of your sports or leisure trampoline?

At France Trampoline, we take pride in helping our customers make the right choices in the design and installation of their trampolines based on their individual specifications.

Experienced technicians to accompany your project

Our customers also count on our technicians to advise them in making all the right choices when it comes to carrying out all the technical steps involved in designing, creating and implementing their trampolines. Our technicians ensure all after-sales services, including accessories and spare parts, even if the trampoline was purchased elsewhere.

And for all of our tourism and leisure professionals, we remain as always attentive to your specific needs and will continue to provide you with our time-tested quality services for the design, manufacturing, and installation your amusement park, beach, holiday complex, public area, or any other place where trampolines let people jump for joy!

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