Frame Pad

In order to find the diameter best suited to your needs, you should measure the following components:
• Exterior diameter of the trampoline
• Length of springs (hooks included) once removed from the trampoline
• Width of the current frame pad (if possible)

A frame pad is placed all the way round a trampoline. It covers the springs and the metal framework to stop you from getting injured. We have a wide range of frame pads which will help you find the one that is compatible with your trampoline.
All of our frame pads are made from polyethylene foam for optimal resistance and they are covered in a high density technical PVC cover.
Remember to change your frame pad as soon as it starts to get damaged!

Secure your outdoor game with a trampoline pad

France Trampoline, specislized in the manufacturing of trampolines since 1971, supplies a wide range of accessories needed to ensure your safety. These include trampoline protection pads positioned all around the jumping mat. These covered foam pads are used to protect the springs that keep the jumping mat tensioned, and to protect users from landing on the springs. Awkward landings are no longer a problem for adults or children when they discover the feeling of freedom provided by sessions on the trampoline.

Should you notice signs of wear and tear when inspecting your installation, we recommend that you replace your trampoline protection pad. The pads are easily replaced and are equipped with easy-to-install fixation systems. The foam block may remain outdoors year-round since it is treated to withstand cold temperatures and humidity.

Keep your trampoline pad in mint condition for risk-free jumping

So that the entire family may enjoy a dynamic, playful outdoor activity, it is important to take some necessary precautions. Trampoline pads must remain in good shape for users to play in complete safety. With our line or protection pads, you may replace worn-out or damaged pads following repeated use.

They are identical to the models delivered with your trampoline, which ensures you optimal performance. Your jumps will remain amusing and dynamic thanks to the pads positioned on top of the springs and frame, which will protect them from UV rays and bad weather. The trampoline protection pads are also comfortable to use between two intensive jumping sessions.

France Trampoline's expertise for high-quality accessories

Our many years of experience allows us to provide you with a line of high-quality trampoline pads to replace any worn-out or damaged ones. They have a very resistant block of foam that is treated to resist cold and dampness. They also absorb shocks to minimize any risk of injury in the event of an awkward landing. The foam block is covered with a high-density PVC fabric to prevent the foam from coming into contact with the springs and being torn. The protection stands up to inclement weather and UV rays, and so may remain outdoors year-round.

The trampoline pad elastic band fastening system is included with our pads to make its installation easier. You'll soon be able to enjoy your trampoline again!

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