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Octagonal trampolines

OCTOPULSE range : 4 trampolines that will seduce those thirsty for sensations! With its springs set up in a "face to face" position, you will experience a powerful rebound and have more control over your movement on the jumping mat for even higher jumps!

Keep things interesting with the octagonal trampoline

For close to 50 years, we have dedicated our know-how and experience to designing fine-quality trampolines, to accompany you in practising this sport as well as spending hours of quality time with your family. All our models are available in several sizes and will meet your demands in terms of resistance and security.

Choose an octagonal trampoline from our line of products and get a workout while having fun on this robust piece of equipment. Equipped with safety enclosures, our trampolines will let the whole family jump for joy in a completely secure environment.

With their unusual shape, and the fine-quality materials used in their manufacturing, our products are built for intensive workouts and children's play times as well. What's more, they are weather-proof and so may remain outdoors all year long.

Enjoy quality family time with an outdoor octagonal trampoline

Why not take advantage of the nice weather to acquire a multi-purpose, playful piece of sports equipment? Opt for an octagonal trampoline from our line and spend some quality family time. We offer several sizes to let you choose the one best suited to your needs. Whatever the size of your garden, you'll be performing jumps and figures in no time!

Designed with fine-quality materials, such as galvanized steel, our trampolines are robust and adapted for outdoor use. As for our jumping mats, solidly reinforced by 8 rows of stitches, and treated to withstand UV rays, they are guaranteed to provide you with an exceptionally comfortable usage and are perfectly compatible with sunny afternoons.

Practice a sport in complete security with an octagonal trampoline with a safety enclosure

If you wish to work on your balance and spacial perception while having fun at the same time, opt for an octagonal trampoline with safety enclosure from the France Trampoline line. Equipped with foam protection pads and high-quality safety enclosures held in place with sturdy net posts, our trampolines let you practice this sport playfully and securely.

You'll appreciate their original octagonal shape. The specific positioning of their springs guarantees optimal weight distribution for dynamic jumps, wherever you happen to be positioned on the mat. Choose an outdoor octagonal trampoline and change the way you play!

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    A compact octagonal trampoline which combines strength and power for family and sports use.

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    Octopulse 390 octagonal trampoline with safety enclosure. A trampoline combining power for athletes and comfort for the whole family. Its shape lets jumpers accomplish technical jumps without automatically landing in the centre of the jumping mat.

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    Waouuh 430 octagonal trampoline with safety enclosure. Offers outstanding jump performances. Its unusual shape will let the whole family perform sequences of complex technical figures.

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    The biggest trampoline in the Octopulse range with a diameter of 4,57 m.

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    Waouuh 360 octagonal trampoline maxi-pack with safety enclosure, including step-ladder + protective cover + anchoring kit. Designed for intensive use.

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    724,67 € 69159€
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    Octopulse 390 octagonal trampoline maxi-pack with safety enclosure, including step-ladder + protective cover + anchoring kit. Ideal for elaborate jumps.

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    766,33 € 72491€
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    An octagonal trampoline for maximum bounce. The Octopulse 430 trampoline maxi pack is provided with a safety enclosure, a ladder, an anchor kit and a premium protective cover.

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    816,33 € 77241€
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    Octopulse  460 octagonal trampoline pack with safety enclosure, step-ladder, protective cover, and anchoring kit. An octagonal trampoline for powerful jumps.

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    874,67 € 83075€

*Fast and free delivery for all recreational trampolines orders with a delivery in mainland France (coastal islands excluded).

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