As trampoline specialists since 1971, France Trampoline also offers a wide selection of indoor and outdoor play equipment. With the wide range of activities provided, your children won’t ever be bored again!

Offer your children fun play sets

Choose your play area equipment based on the size of your garden, the ages of your children, and their centers of interest.

The whole family will have a lot of safe fun with our quality installations.

Young sports buffs will love playing their favorite games thanks to our goal cages and targets: football, basketball, tchoukball, and rugby. Alone or with their friends, they’ll be able to have fun and burn off energy in the comfort of their own garden.

Are you tired of having to go over to the neighbors’ house to get the balls that have gone over the fence? France Trampoline has developed an exclusive multi-sport play set, were children of all ages will be able to play 5 different ball games in a completely safe environment!

In keeping with our tradition of reliability and quality, check out our indoor wooden play equipment and help your children develop their physical and motor skills. Inspired by Pikler’s triangle and the Montessori Method, these play areas will let your children have fun while developing their sense of balance.

Ball games for young sports buffs

In the garden, ball games are a great way to bun off energy while having fun. Alone or with friends, players of all ages will have great outdoor fun. We provide you with a variety of outdoor accessories to let you play your favorite sports in complete safety at home.

 We provide not only the balls needed but also the goal nets adapted to each activity. Your children will be able to play football, rugby, tchoukball, and golf. For a unique game experience for the whole family, we have designed an enclosed outdoor play area. It allows you to play multiple games in the garden, like volleyball or handball, in the same place without ever losing the ball. Our know-how ensures quality textile nets and sturdy steel frames.

Develop physical and motor skills

A leading provider of garden games, France Trampoline launches a new line of indoor sports games for the little ones!  

With up to 150 different combinations of games the Kidwood wooden climbing triangle may be positioned on various different sides, which gives your children new game possibilities and encourages them to develop their motor skills! The frames are made of natural wood, respecting the environment, ecological standards, and sustainability, so as to preserve your children’s health.

  • In stock

    6ft climbing dome, ideal for active children with a thirst for adventure and physical activity. The most popular playground equipment in the schoolyard is now available directly at home!

    149,90 € 9990€
  • In stock

    Climbing dome 8ft for children. Outdoor installation on grass or soft ground. 

    199,90 € 18990€
  • In stock

    10ft climbing dome, ideal for active children with a thirst for adventure and physical activity. The most popular playground equipment in the schoolyard is now available directly at home!

    249,90 € 22490€
  • In stock

    Large children’s 3.60m climbing dome, ideal for children, climbers, and acrobats up to 12 years of age. Finally a genuine climbing ground to play on! 

    299,90 € 26990€
  • In stock

    The Fun Arena, the compact, multi-purpose family sports arena designed by France Trampoline! A safe, outdoor game arena for children from the age of 3 and teens, allows them to play a variety of ball games and sports.

  • In stock

    Discover the Fun Arena Premium, the compact, multi-purpose game arena designed by France Trampoline! This safe, outdoor game arena for children from the age of 3 and teens, allows them to play 5 different sports! This enclosed play area is also equipped with 2 premium football goals to train like pros!

  • In stock

    Rugby training posts for children and adults, outdoor use all year round.

  • In stock

    Large football goal with 4 removable targets to practice your shot precision. Its dimensions of 2m x 1.45m allow it to integrate easily into your garden.

  • In stock

    Wooden climbing triangle Domino inspired by Pikler's triangle! Available in 2 colours: Yellow & Blue or Black.

    549,90 € 44990€
  • In stock

    A wooden indoor climbing triangle to develop the motor skills and balance of your toddlers. Available in two colours: Blue/Yellow and Black! 

    549,90 € 44990€
  • In stock

    A solid and high quality wooden climbing triangle for indoor use. Available in two colours: Blue/Yellow and Black!

    439,90 € 33990€
  • In stock

    The 1.80 m climbing dome with 3 extensions: the platform, the slide and the monkey bars.

    324,60 € 27460€
  • Pre-order

    The complex includes a 3-metre climbing dome with a monkey bars, a slide and a tree house.

    559,60 € 53460€
  • Pre-order

    3m60m climbing dome with slide, monkey bridge and tree house.

    639,60 € 61402€
  • In stock

    Tchoukball goal to practice precision football, handball and tchoukball shots.

  • In stock

    Turn your favourite playground into the ultimate children's hut with this 10ft climbing dome tent!

  • In stock

    Rediscover the fun of rocking with this 10ft climbing dome swing. Accentuate the game with this accessory suitable for all ages, laughter and good humour guaranteed!

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