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Leisure Trampoline Buyer's Guide

Why buy a trampoline from France Trampoline?

In the market for a trampoline ? Congratulations! You are about to give your children a delightful piece of sports equipment that they will never get tired of, and will last for a good 15 years, if not more! Today they'll be bouncing around on it after their after-school snack, and before you know it they'll be practicing their snowboarding figures when they're home from university on the mid-term break!

Our nearly 50 years of experience has taught us the importance of offering only the finest-quality trampolines, with solid technical guarantees for optimal safety over the years, because our primary concern is to equip you with a reliable, enjoyable trampoline for a long time.

What is a trampoline from France Trampoline?

Drawing leisure trampoline
  1. A thick, corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel frame.
  2. Springs with a minimum length of 180 mm: the longer the spring, the more flexible and dynamic the jumping mat and trampoline are.
  3. A highly secure safety enclosure with a UV-resistant safety net and wide net posts, sturdy enough to remain standing when a jumper has a bad fall and lands up against the safety enclosure's net.
  4. A very robust, reinforced assembly system: your trampoline will not move when users are having fun on the jumping mat.
  5. A sturdy, reinforced jumping mat designed to last a long time.
  6. A thick, shock-absorbing safety pad that covers the springs entirely, to prevent injuries to jumpers.

But there's so much more to a trampoline from France Trampoline than simply a set of finest-quality parts: France Trampoline is also deeply commited to providing you with impeccable services, both prior to and after your purchase:

  • A five-year warranty on the frame.
  • An after-sales service that stocks all spare parts for your trampoline for at least 10 years.
  • A sharp sales team with perfect hands-on, working knowledge of our products who are available to assist you via e-mail or by phone on +33 (0)5 56 36 04 62.

Choosing a leisure trampoline

Use, location, available space… Choosing a trampoline does require some thought. Prior to opting for a particular model, we recommend that you consider certain criteria such as the available room you have in your garden, and the profile of the future users. (Children? Teens? Athletes? Leisure jumpers?)

Choosing the size of your trampoline

What size area is available for your trampoline? The available surface area in your garden should be flat, and the trampoline should not be placed less than 2 meters from obstacles (trees, fences, walls, and so on). Opt for a "soft" surface (such a soil) to enable you to install the anchoring kit.

The trampoline is a leisure activity practiced alone, and the jumping mat diameter is essentially a question of comfort and freedom of movement. However, keep in mind that a jumping mat with a diameter of under 300 cm is designed for children, so a teen would probably feel cramped in this space. The larger the trampoline, the more freedom the jumper has, whatever the age.

Big families tend to choose a large, round trampoline or an octagonal one with a diameter greater than 4m30. Large trampolines are often used by professional athletes to have the most room during practice sessions or competitions.

Below is a table comparing trampoline sizes adapted to the size of your garden.

DiameterGarden from 50 to 100 m²Garden from 100 to 300 m²Garden over 300 m²
6 ft / 180 cm
8 ft / 250 cm
10 ft / 300 cm
12 ft / 360 cm
13 ft / 390 cm
14 ft / 430 cm
15 ft / 460 cm
16 ft / 490 cm

Choosing your trampoline based on future use

A trampoline is a recreational apparatus, and is also used by athletic teens and adults to train for otherr sports. According to the number of children, the trampoline could undergo intensive use and so should be robust enough to withstand multiple bouncers. So prior to choosing your trampoline model, consider the future use of your trampoline!

Whatever trampoline you choose, there should be no compromise on safety: all our trampolines are delivered with a safety enclosure.

Compare our trampoline lines based on jumper profiles:

Start'Up Novice, children Children
Jump'Up Regular, recreational Family
Ovalie Intensive, recreational Family
Boost'Up Intensive, recreational, athletic Teenagers / Adults
Octopulse Intensive, recreational, athletic Teenagers / Adults
Apollo Sport Regular, intensive, athletic Athletes
Mirage Occasional, recreational Family
Why scalability?

You won't need to renew your trampoline very often, since they last for between 5 and 10 years. So remember to choose a scalable trampoline, for both sports and leisure activities, and that will remain compatible with your children's use of the trampoline as they grow.

The Initio Line: specially designed to introduce children to the pleasure of trampolining while remaining a product with excellent value for money. Its springs of 165 mm bring a soft rebound to the children.This trampoline with excellent value for money is available in 5 diameters from 180 cm to 430 cm.

The Jump’Up Line: Its 180-mm springs provide a dynamic bounce for leisure use by jumpers of all ages, and the metal frame is of a good size (45 mm in diameter for jumping mats of 3m60 and up). This family model is the number-one choice because of its versatility and ability to withstand weights of up to 120 kg. It is available in 6 different diameters from 2m50 to 4m60.

The Boost'Up (round), Octopulse (octagonal), and Ovalie (oval) Lines: If the trampoline is to be used on a regular basis by children ages 10 and older, we recommend that you peruse our superior lines of trampolines, which are equipped with 48-mm frame tubes and 230-mm-long springs. The bounce will be more powerful and the frame more robust.

The Apollo Sport Line: rectangular trampolines are recommended for athletic use. The Apollo Sport Line, available in 3 sizes, allows you to jump very high and perform jumps in sequence more easily than on a round trampoline. Gymnasts will attest to the fact that this shape provides them with optimal performances.

The Mirage Line: for users who want to enjoy a trampoline while maintaining a harmonious garden landscape. Designed for elegance, our in-ground trampolines are available in 2 sizes, and will blend into your garden.

Compare our trampoline lines based on jumper profiles:

Maximum weightSteel frame thickness / diameterNumber of springs
Start'Up100 kg38 mm36 - 88 springs
Jump'Up120 kg38 - 42 mm48 - 100 springs
Ovalie120 kg42 - 48 mm60 - 84 springs
Boost'Up120 kg42 - 48 mm66 - 120 springs
Octopulse120 kg42 - 48 mm80 - 112 springs
Apollo Sport120 kg50.8 - 60 mm68 - 124 springs
Mirage120 kg42 mm72 - 88 springs

Choosing the shape of the trampoline

Round, oval, octagonal, or rectangular? Choose the shape that bests fits your garden and is best suited to your needs.

Below is a table to guide you in your choice:

Round recreational trampoline Round trampoline
  • Large jumping surface
  • Solid frame with springs all around the edges
  • Good bounce that recenters the jumper
  • Good jump quality in the center of the mat
Lines available
Oval recreational Trampoline Oval trampoline
  • More resilient jumping pad than on a round trampoline
  • Length of frame reinforced
  • Limited width, long length
  • Easy, evenly distributed bounce
Line available
Octagonal trampoline range Octagonal trampoline
  • Very robust trampoline, intensive use
  • Superior safety level
  • Free bounce: does not recentre the jumper
  • Ideal shape for teens / athletes
Line available
Rectangular recreational trampoline Rectangular trampoline
  • Oversized galvanized steel frame tubes
  • Very resilient jumping mat
  • Ease of repeated jump sequences
Line available

Choose a trampoline by comparing technical elements

Having trouble grasping the complexities of trampoline quality? Here are a few key points to consider when comparing our products to others on the market.

Concerned with the robustness and safety of our trampolines, we have elaborated very specific product specifications that include the following points:

The trampoline frame

This is literally the centerpiece of the trampoline, which supports all the other parts. We have therefore chosen a very robust structure that is easy to assemble.

  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel treated against corrosion, even if the trampoline remains outdoors all year long.
  • The frame tubes are made of 1.5-mm- or 2-mm-thick steel: the trampoline will not move at all when in use.
  • The frame parts are nested together - not screwed - to ensure the frame's robustness and ease of assembly.
  • An exclusive system of T-junctions are used to assemble the trampoline frames of France Trampoline: these parts reinforce the strength of the frame as the frame tubes are not pre-drilled and therefore not weakened by any holes subject to corrosion or bending.

The springs

The springs have an effect on the jumping mat's resilience: the longer they are, the more resilient the mat is, and the easier it is on the jumper's bone joints.

Our springs vary in length from 180 mm to 230 mm, according to the trampoline model, to ensure optimal jumping conditions.

The sturdy jumping mat

A sturdy reinforced jumping mat guarantees many years of trampoline fun and enjoyment! Our jumping mmats are designed to last:

  • They are made of UV-resistant, black polypropylene.
  • They are reinforced with 8 rows of stitches (compared to 6 in general).
  • 1 reinforcement band is added to prevent the jumping mat's straps from tearing.

The high-quality safety enclosure

The safety enclosure is an indispensable part of modern trampolines for security reasons. Our safety nets are made of one of the most tightly-woven meshes on the market.

Below is a table to guide you in your choice:

Enclosure netting Netting
  • Made of terylene, polypropylene, polyester or other material
  • Soft and UV-resistant
  • Quality : 90 gr/m² - 180 gr/m² depending on model
The France Trampoline edge
  • 180 gr/m² polyester net
  • Highly-resistant temperature-variation material
  • Optimal comfort and UV-resistance
Enclosure fixation system Fixation system
  • Size and net post support vary depending on model
  • Sheath sewn with textile strap, rigid rods or other (depending on model)
  • Resistance to falls and UV rays
The France Trampoline edge
  • Net post in 31- or 38-mm diameter anchored to the ground
  • No screws used, install with double mounting bracket
  • Solid fiberglass system ensures firm and sustainable support
Enclosure opening Enclosure opening
  • Zip or clip net closure
  • Variable wear based on frequency of use
  • Easy to locate
The France Trampoline edge
  • Double closure for added safety
  • Velcro strips & snap clips
  • Green PVC strip to rapidly locate the jumping mat's entrance / exit
France Trampoline after sales After-sales service
  • Net posts damaged in a storm?
  • A hole in the mesh?
  • Damaged rods ?
  • Only replace what needs replacing!
The France Trampoline edge
  • Each spare part sold separately
  • Only replace what needs replacing
  • Original spare parts
  • Long-term availability guaranteed/li>

The protective pad

The protective pad covers the trampoline springs to protect the jumper from injury should he fall outside the jumping mat. Our pads are very thick and wide to ensure complete coverage of the springs.

  • For example, to cover 180-mm springs, our pads measure 360 mm.
  • A thick, single piece of foam measuring 26 to 31 mm in thickness: we use only one thick piece of foam that will remain unaltered despite the shocks it will undergo, unlike some of our competitors who use fine layers of foam that deteriorate over time.
  • The foam pad is covered in a sturdy UV-resistant PVC, identical to the tarpaulins used by lorries.
Round trampoline frame pad Trampoline frame pad Details trampoline frame pad

Trampoline accessories

A leisure trampoline is generally sold with a safety enclosure.

This trampoline pack may be sufficient, but in certain regions it may be necessary to have additional safety features or other equipment.

We provide a wide range of accessories to ensure that your trampoline lasts a long time. Find out more about our accessories below.

For practical advice throughout the year, please read our Maintenance Guide.

Do you sell spare parts for my trampoline ?

As trampoline specialists for both professionals and non-professionals, we permanently have spare parts in stock for your trampoline, whether you purchased it from France Trampoline or elsewhere.

Please feel free to check out our leisure-trampoline spare parts section. We guarantee your spare parts up to 10 years after your purchase.

Why buy your leisure trampoline from France Trampoline?

Since 1971, we have been commited to providing our customers - both non-professional and professional - with the finest-quality products and services.

France Trampoline is commited to delivering 5 key quality assurances to its customers.

  • Commitment n°1: The France Trampoline quality
  • Commitment n°2: Experienced technicians to assist you
  • Commitment n°3: Rapid delivery
  • Commitment n°4: Payment in 3 interest-free installments
  • Commitment n°5: A choice of 6 payment methods
Find out more about France Trampoline's commitments

97% of our customers recommend France Trampoline to those around them… and we are extremely proud of their endorsements!
Find out what are customers are saying, based on a satisfaction survey conducted by independent company eKomi.

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