Set of 25 springs 215 mm silver plated

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25 springs 215 mm silver colour for trampoline Pro One or AERO from France Trampoline

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    Springs are essential components on a trampoline as they are the components which give a trampoline its bounce. Thanks to the large selection of spare parts at France Trampoline, you can change several 215 mm springs with this professional trampoline spring set.

    - These springs are adapted to our Jump’in ground, Pro One or Aero trampolines.

    - This measurement includes all of the coil and the two hooks, once the spring has been removed from the trampoline.

    - These springs have been treated against corrosion so that they can be used outside without getting damaged.

    - The steel wire measures 3.2 mm in diameter and the coil 30 mm in diameter. These characteristics give the necessary power for children and adults to bounce with ease.

    - To attach a spring to your trampoline, one hook must be attached on the jumping mat and the other on the steel framework using a special tool, in order to protect yourself from injury.

    Length of springs215 mm
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