Ø32mm cap for net post

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Net post cap for Oxygen and Hip/Hop enclosures



    Bad weather such as strong winds for example, can damage the supports of the enclosure on your Oxygen trampoline. No need to worry! France Trampoline has spare parts for all of its components and ensures an after sales service for its trampolines and enclosures, down to the smallest components such as caps. This component holds the net in place, guaranteeing durability to your trampoline.

    This cap of 32 mm in diameter is adapted to the Oxygen and Hip-Hop range of all sizes. It is used to clip the fibreglass rods of your net in place on the Oxygen trampoline to ensure that your children are safe when they are playing.

    On the Hip and Hop trampoline, this cap is important as it holds the V connector in place, where the fibreglass rods connect: these rods spread the tension of your enclosure evenly.

    This cap will help you to reinstall your enclosure easily on its support. All you need to do is clip these caps on to the supports and clip the fibreglass rods into the gap on the cap.

    This cap of 32 mm in diameter can only be used on supports of 32 mm in diameter. This component does not come with an enclosure, the supports, the V connectors or the foam sleeves.

    Frame tube diameter32 mm
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