Complete net post Ø25 mm for 12+ft. trampoline

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Change your 25 mm in diameter trampoline net post.



Enclosures are designed using several galvanised steel net posts. If one or several of your net posts are damaged, there is no need to replace the whole enclosure, you can just change the damaged posts.

- The net post measures 25 mm in diameter and is made from 2 separate components. Once assembled they measure 2.60 m in height. They are not fixed using screws but using U-shaped brackets that cover the two steel posts. These brackets are placed 50 cm apart and keep your net post as straight as possible.

- Each net post is covered in a protective foam cover made from 10 mm thick polyethylene. This is a shock absorbent foam which protects users if they fall against one of the net posts. Therefore, with this enclosure, jumpers can play safely.

- If your trampoline has posts screwed to the trampoline, then you can still use this product, however, you will also need to buy a pack of brackets as the screw system is not compatible with our net posts.

- The green protective covers and brackets are not included with these trampoline net posts.

Net post
Frame tube diameter25 mm
Total height270 cm
Trampoline size366 cm and more
France Trampoline modelAccess / Jump'Up 360 et plus
CategoriesComplete net post
Frame tube diameter25 mm
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