Premium black net for 12ft / 360 trampoline

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Textile net for round 360 trampoline, sold separately. It will keep you from having to change the whole structure of your safety enclosure. 



Only replace the worn part of your enclosure thanks to this textile net, sold without the posts. This will allow you to fix your trampoline enclosure if its structure is still intact but the net isn't. 

- This textile net is designed for round 12ft / 360 trampolines equipped with 4 feet and 8 posts and tensioned by fiberglass rods.

Soft and resilient, the net is made from fine mesh polyester that children can't get their fingers caught in. 

-A door with a zippered opening makes it easy to enter the trampoline.

- This premium textile net is compatible with our 12ft. Booster 360, sold from April 2017. It will also fit any round trampoline that has the previous features, even if it is not a France Trampoline trampoline. 

- Fiberglass, PVC Cover and foam are sold separately.

Premium black net for 12ft / 360 trampoline
Safety net
Opening Vertical zipper
Net materialPolyester mesh 160 g/m²
Upper net fixingFiberglass rods
Number of posts8
Warranty6 months
Number of elastics36
Height of the net1m80
Trampoline size366 cm
France Trampoline modelJump'Up / Booster 360
CategoriesTrampoline nets
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