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Target for football and handball for recreational trampolines.


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    The trampo-football is an original, fun and sporty accessory that will add a new level to your trampoline sessions. It is a canvas designed with 3 targets. The aim of the game is to score points by throwing the ball through the holes!

     It is suitable for all 3m wide or bigger trampolines.

    - The trampo-football is quick and easy to install, attach it to the adjustable straps at the top of the net posts on the enclosure and at the bottom under the springs.

    - Made from PVC, the canvas is incredibly resistant, the edges have been treated (large reinforced bands all around) to avoid any risk of tearing.

    - Requiring constant movement, this accessory will improve your child’s balance and hand and foot dexterity.

    Warning: the trampo-football can be installed if you have a safety enclosure as it is to be used within the enclosure. This accessory is adapted to trampolines with the following:

    - A fall protection net located on the outside of the frame pad so the ball has space to pass.

    - Net posts with plastics ends at the top would be most suited for an ideal grip.

    Dimensions170 x 120 cm
    MaterialHigh-resistance 650 g/m2 PVC
    CompatibilityAll Trampoline Models
    Warranty6 months

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