Warranty - After sales service, accessories and spare parts

Warranty for leisure and professional trampolines

We take pride in the quality that goes into the manufacturing of our trampolines, which is why we are able to guarantee them for 5 years. In each of our Product pages, we clearly inform you of the different warranties for the different parts of the trampoline.

The warranty period begins on the date the product is purchased (indicated on your product invoice). Your warranty covers not only the parts but also labour (excluding shipping costs to and from our warehouse).

Our merchandise return rate is among the market's lowest. However, for even the smallest glitch, our team of technicians is available to assist you from Monday through Friday, 9 am to 12.30 and 2 pm to 6.30 pm.

Below is a re-cap of the length of our warranties:

ModelsStart'UpJump'Up / OvalieBoost'Up / Octopulse / Apollo SportMinimaxBatteries Aero
TrampolinesSteel frame2 years3 yearss5 years6 months3 years
Jumping mat2 years3 years5 years1 year-
Safety net1 year1 year1 year-1 year
Safety pad1 year1 year1 year6 months1 year
Springs2 years3 years5 years1 year1 year
Accessories6 months6 months6 months--
Spare parts6 months6 months6 months--

After-sales service - Spare parts follow-up guarantee

Once your trampoline has been delivered, we pay particular attention to following up on our customers and their equipment for as long as this equipment is in use. Beyond the length of the warranty, we follow up on the spare parts of our trampolines for 10 years.

Wear and tear or harsh weather conditions may result in the need to change some trampoline parts after a few years: France Trampoline guarantees the supply of your spare parts.

As specialists, we carry a large number of spare parts and references in stock to supply you with the parts you need, even if your trampoline was purchased elsewhere.

Our after-sales service team are experts in their field, and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the technical specifications of a trampoline. They will assist you in selecting the appropriate spare parts and accessories for your trampoline, even if it was not purchased at France Trampoline.

Planète Air SARL - France Trampoline offers all its customers a contractual warranty corresponding to each product line, the duration of which is specified on the Product presentation pages, the Product data sheets, and the Trampolines, Accessories, and Spare Parts pricing information sections. This warranty provided by Planète Air SARL - France Trampoline does not cover:

  • The replacement of worn-out parts,
  • The corrosion of steel parts,
  • The watertightness of the safety pads,
  • Tearing of the textiles or nets,
  • Cracks, breaks, or bends in the steel caused by physical shock,
  • Ripped-out stitching,
  • Abnormal or unconventional use of the products. To avoid such types of use, we recommend that you carefully read the product's user's manual,
  • Damages caused by any repair interventions unauthorized by Planète Air SARL,
  • Damages to the equipment caused by external factors (such as an accident, shock, lightening, very strong winds, and so on).

Implementation of the Planète Air SARL - France Trampoline warranty guarantees damaged product replacement (excluding shipping costs to and from the warehouse). In the event that a product cannot be replaced, Planète Air SARL - France Trampoline will have the damaged product repaired or replace the damaged product with another one with equivalent characteristics. The contractual warranty includes the legal guarantee against hidden flaws for a 6-month period starting from the delivery date.

Please feel free to call us on +33(0)5 56 36 04 62 or use the online contact form to send us a message.

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