Ninja XL obstacle course + Slackline

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Thrill-seeking adventurers will love the challenges of this Ninja XL obstacle course + Slackline. This kit contains 2 slacklines and several obstacle components to hang on the upper line. Modify your obstacle course from time to time, and even extend the length of the slackline up to 25m.



Thrill-seeking adventurers will love the challenges of this Ninja obstacle course + Slackline XL, containing 2 slacklines and obstacles to hang on the upper line that can be adjusted to measure 25m. This fun activity will delight young athletes looking to enjoy outdoor games!

This Ninja obstacle course + Slackline XL contains:

- 2 slacklines to tension between 2 sturdy anchoring points (mature trees, poles, etc.). One of the lines should be positioned above users’ heads so as to hang the obstacles the users grab on to, while the lower line lets users maintain their balance.

- 2 ratchets to tension the slacklines. Simply use each ratchet to adjust and tension the lines. The tighter the lines, the easier the Ninja obstacle course will be.

Please note: The distance between your two trees + the circumference of the trees, must not exceed 24.50m (80ft) . In addition, the tree supporting the ratchet strap must not have a circumference greater than 140 cm (55 inch.).

- 12 obstacles to hang on the upper slackline and let you create a cusomized obstacle course. The pack includes 4 bars, 4 monkey fists, 4 rings, and the corresponding snap hooks. There are 60 hanging points in all to allow you to to modify the obstacle course and vary its level of difficulty.

- This Ninja obstacle course + Slackline XL is suitable for children over 6 years of age and under adult supervision. It withstands up to 110 kg.

The Ninja obstacle course + Slackline are very easy to install and uninstall, and take with you wherever you go! Install them in your garden, at a friend’s, or even a park or forest!

Ninja XL obstacle course + Slackline
Ninja XL obstacle course + Slackline

Adjustable slackline

This complete kit lets you install a real balancing act in your back garden! This 15-m or 25-m slackline will provide you with hours of fun balancing on the line. Its ratchet makes it easily ajustable to fit in any garden. Easy to carry around too.

Ninja XL obstacle course + Slackline

Children and teens, all Ninjas!!!

The Ninja obstacle course combines physical challenges and excitement. Who'll be the first to overcome the 7 obstacles? Children aged 6 years and older will be light, nimble ninjas, and teens will prove to be tough competitors!

Dimensions25 m long
Accessories included4 pommes de touline / 4 barres fixes / 4 anneaux / 1 sac de rangement / 1 cliquet / mousquetons de securité
MaterialWood / Polyester / Cotton / Galvanized steel rings
User weight limit110 kg
Installation tipInstall on a flat, cleared area
Minimum age3 years - recommended 6 years and over
Warranty1 year
NormeMarquage CE et EN-71
Delivery information
Overall dimensions50 x 30 x 40cm
Total weight12 kg
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