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This complete slackline kit includes a 15m long slackline strap, a rachet for tightening the strap, two tree protectors to be placed between the strapping and the trees to avoid damaging them, and a transport bag.



    This complete slackline kit includes :

    - a 15m long slackline and 5 cm wide

    - a ratchet with a 1.50 m long strap to tighten the slackline

    - two tree protections to be placed under the straps at each end to avoid damaging the supporting trees

    - and a carrying bag

    Highly resistant, your new slackline strap will let you work on your balance and flexibility in your own time.

    The 15m strap length is perfect for novices and experts alike, depending on your objective you can make adjustments to the slacklines’ tension, and the height at which you choose to use it.

    Equipped with a ratchet mechanism for generating and adjusting the tension, it can easily be set up or removed in 5 minutes: it is the ideal outdoor sporting activity for apprentice acrobats!

    Suitable for children from 6 years old under the supervision of an adult. There is a 110 kg maximum user weight.

    Please note: The distance between your two trees + the circumference of the trees, must not exceed 18.00m (59ft). In addition, the starting tree for the ratchet strap must not have a circumference greater than 140 cm (55 inch.).

    Dimensions15 m long
    User weight limit110 kg
    Minimum age3 years - recommended 6 years and over
    Warranty1 year
    NormeMarquage CE et EN-71
    Delivery information
    Overall dimensions40 x 15 x 15cm
    Total weight2.5 kg

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