16 brackets for fixing Ø42/38 net posts

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Pack of 16 fixation brackets for France Trampoline enclosures



    An enclosure bought for your trampoline at France Trampoline needs a very specific component to ensure that the net posts are attached to the feet of the trampoline. We have a complete pack of 16 brackets on offer, made of U-shaped brackets, steel braces, nuts and plastic wedges, to ensure that your posts are solidly held in place without damaging the steel structure of your trampoline.

    This pack of 16 brackets can also be used if you are ordering brand new net posts, as our net posts are not installed using screws, such as on low-cost trampolines.

    Two brackets are necessary to attach each post in place, this pack of 16 brackets is therefore adapted for 8 net posts. Do not forget to order more brackets if your trampoline has more than 8 net posts.

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