Pack of 16 screws Oxygen / Hip / Hop 360 enclosures

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Complete pack of screws for France Trampoline’s Oxygen and Hip Hop 360 enclosures



    The fixation system on the Oxygen trampoline, as well as on the coloured Hip Hop models is completely different then on other standard France Trampoline models. Which is why have a pack of 16 screws guaranteeing that your posts stay in place on your trampoline of 3.60 m in diameter.

    This complete pack has screws, as wells as struts, nuts, washers and a round protective cover to avoid any injuries.

    This pack contains 16 screws as you will need two screws per post to ensure it is held in place. The models with a diameter of 3.60 m have 8 posts, so you will be able to replace all of the screws on your trampoline.

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