16 brackets for fixing Ø38/32 net posts

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This set of 16 U-shaped fixation brackets equips our Jump'Up trampoline range, bought from March 2016. These fixings are also compatible with 25mm diameter posts.



    These fixing brackets allow you to attach the safety enclosure net posts to the trampoline feet of your Jump'Up trampoline bought from March 2016. This spare part is identical to the fixing brackets that were initially provided with your trampoline. 

    - The brackets are adapted to trampolines that have 38mm wide stands with 32mm wide net posts. Namely, our Jump'Up trampolines bought after March 2016, but the brackets are also compatible with other trampolines with the same features. 

    - This kit is sold ready to be assembled: it includes the brackets, the braces and the entire set of screws.  All you will need is a screwdriver to screw the screws into the brackets and attach them to the trampoline posts and feet. 

    - The brackets are U-shaped and sold as a set of 16. For example, a trampoline with 4 feet (like the 13ft. Jump'Up 390) requires 16 fixing brackets. 

    - To ensure a secure grip on the net and preserve user safety, we recommend securing the net posts to the trampoline feet in 2 areas. 

    These fixing brackets are made from electro galvanised steel to provide maximum resistance. 

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    1 customers gave an average score of 4/5 to this product

    The first one were a bit wrecked by horses pulling on the net posts. These are cheap enough but the screws are not the best quality and the brackets got twisted a bit hence only four stars.

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