Jumping mat for Aero 265 x 265

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Change the jumping mat on your professional 265 x 265 trampoline.



    Over time, your jumping mat will deteriorate. It is recommended to change it as this can impact on user safety. We have a solid replacement jumping mat for professionals adapted to your square trampoline measuring 2.65 m x 2.65 m, with 56 springs of 215 mm in length.

    - Designed for professional square trampolines such as the Pro One 265 or Aero 265 battery of trampolines, this replacement jumping pad will give your trampoline the high level of safety needed in a professional establishment.

    - This jumping mat is highly tear resistant thanks to its black polypropylene mesh fabric. It has also been UV protected which guarantees an increase in its durability.

    - It has been made to measure and assembled using 6 rows of stitching and a renforcement strip to guarantee a high level of safety and quality. Galvanised steel rings are used, making them rust proof and strengthening the whole structure.

    - Your trampoline must measure 265 x 265 cm and have 56 springs of 215 mm in length (+ 4 springs of 300 mm in the corners) otherwise the jumping mat will not be adapted.

    Springs are sold separately

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