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Oval trampolines

OVALIE range : An all in length original shape for trampolines that will seduce children, sporty teenagers and adults. A family trampoline with enclosure to discover now!

Our oval trampoline: an unparalleled play area

Looking for a stimulating outdoor activity for the whole family to enjoy? Our oval trampolines are an ideal place to have fun and feel the thrills trampolines provide. The feeling of freedom when jumping and performing figures will delight users of all ages. The elongated jumping mats of these models were designed to allow for complex sequences of figures and an intensive use. The trampoline is a fun, athletic activity that develops muscles, breathing, balance, and concentration.

Outdoor oval trampolines are specially designed to remain in your garden year-round. Their robust jumping mats and many springs surrounding them guarantee very powerful jumps. This way, both athletic and non-athletic users will make good use of their trampoline year after year. The installation is completely secured by a safety enclosure and protection pads that prevent users from injuries in the event of a bad landing.

Have fun with family and friends with our oval trampolines

Trampolines have been very popular for many years in gyms and fitness clubs, among both children and adults. Both a piece of sports equipment and a leisure apparatus, the trampoline will fit right in to your garden. With our oval trampolines with safety enclosure, you can have all the fun you want right at home! You'll be able to perform jumps and figures in a completely safe environment thanks to their elongated shape. The athletes in your family will be able to get an intensive workout anytime they like.

The trampoline's large jumping mat will provide children with a playground on which to play ball games or games of skill, or even skateboard. This wide selection of different games will keep your children's interest piqued, even after many years of use.

High-quality outdoor oval trampolines for more thrills

France Trampoline applies its experience and know-how to offer you the best trampoline experience possible. The result of a unique design, our oval trampolines combine security and performance. Thanks to their T-shaped junctions, their steel frames have no welded parts that could weaken the frame over time. Our trampolines are also rust-proof and weather-proof, and so may remain outdoors all year long. Their safety enclosures and protection pads reduce the risk of injury. And it is possible to easily restrict children's access to the trampoline because of a zipped entryway incorporated in the safety net.

With their solid jumping mat reinforced by eight rows of stitches, our oval trampolines are designed to last. The large springs installed all around the mat ensure unparalleled jumps, bounce after bounce.

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  • Pre-order

    Oval 360 trampoline with safety enclosure. An elongated shape suited to mid-size gardens. Children and teens will be able to alternate playing different games and performing sequences of figures.

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  • Pre-order

    Oval 430 trampoline with safety enclosure. With its elongated shape, children and adults will be able to perform more complex jumps and figures and invent new ball games.

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  • En stock

    Oval 490 trampoline with safety enclosure. This trampoline will allow athletic children and adults to perform powerful jumps, thanks to its springs positioned facing one another.

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  • Pre-order

    Oval 360 trampoline pack, with safety enclosure, including step-ladder, cover, and anchoring kit. The fully-equipped trampoline for oblong gardens!

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    512,17 € 48742€
  • 1 avis Pre-order

    Ovalie 430 trampoline Pack with safety enclosure, including step-ladder, premium cover, and anchoring kit. Perfect for family use.

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    616,33 € 58325€
  • 1 avis In stock

    Oval 490 trampoline pack with safety enclosure, including step-ladder, premium cover, and anchoring kit. Multiply family games and jumps on this amazing elongated space!

    Free delivery*
    728,83 € 69158€

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