16ft Ovalie 490 trampoline - Pack XL

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Oval 490 trampoline pack with safety enclosure, including step-ladder and anchoring kit. Multiply family games and jumps on this amazing elongated space!



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This large Ovalie trampoline Pack XL  will delight users of all ages with its impressive, elongated jumping area that will allow them to perform spectacular jumps or even play ball games! The accessories included in this Ovalie 490 Pack add to this trampoline's comfort.

- Measuring 4.80 m x 2.84 m, the jumping mat is held up with a robust, galvanized, Ø42 mm, 2-mm thick steel frame, able to withstand a weight limit of up to 120 kg.

- The Ovalie 490 jumping mat, made of UV-resistant mesh, is tensioned by 84 long springs positioned facing one another for powerful jumps! The surface area, measuring nearly 10 m², will also delight the younger bouncers, who will be able to run and jump on this large, oval, bouncy play area.

- The Premium-quality safety enclosure ensures the safety of your children. Its 8 sturdy steel net posts rest firmly on the ground. The net's tightly-woven mesh is designed to keep children from getting their fingers caught in it.

- The protection pad, made of 25-mm thick monobloc foam and covered with a thick PVC fabric effectively protects jumpers from coming into contact with the springs.

- The removable step-ladder secures the access to the trampoline: equipped with wide, slip-proof steps, it is safer and more comfortable than a step-ladder with tubular rungs.

- The anchoring kit included in this Ovalie 490 maxi pack lets you anchor your trampoline to the ground. It is particularly recommended if your garden is subject to windy conditions.

16ft Ovalie 490 trampoline - Pack XL
16ft Ovalie 490 trampoline - Pack XL

Sturdy steel frame for durability

The entire galvanized steel frame of your trampoline is assembled seamlessly thanks to our T-shaped joining parts, available exclusively at France Trampoline.  Our goal: to guarantee maximal robustness and years of enjoyment.

16ft Ovalie 490 trampoline - Pack XL

A perfectly-adjusted high-quality safety net

Its steel support tubes run all the way down to the ground, and held in place at the foot of the trampoline with mounting brackets, the 2 points of which are sufficiently spaced apart to ensure optimal stability. For  excellent tension, the net is fixed with fiberglass rods.

16ft Ovalie 490 trampoline - Pack XL

A unique shape for a high-quality trampoline

This uniquely-shaped oval trampoline is ideal for both sports and recreational use. The oval shape allows users to perform figures without ever being in the centre of the jumping mat.

16ft Ovalie 490 trampoline - Pack XL

Technical protection for quality pads

The protective pad for your trampoline is made of several quality materials for maximum protection. On the inside is a monobloc foam, wrapped with a thick PVC on top and a technical mesh on the bottom which allows water to drain more easily.

illustration de caractéristiques du produit 16ft Ovalie 490 trampoline - Pack XL
Assembly guideSupplied in english
Outer dimensionsOval 4,80 x 2,84 m
Warranty3-year warantee on structure, springs, and jumping mats - 1 year on net and pad - 6 months on all other parts
User weight limit 120 kg
Max static load tested600 kg
Total height275 cm
Trampoline height95 cm
Structure materialGalvanized steel - corrosion resistant
JunctionEn T
Steel frame diameter & thickness42 x 2 mm
Steel legs diameter & thickness38 x 1,5 mm
Number of legs4
Jumping mat materialMesh 270 g/m²
Jumping mat diameter4,30 x 2,34 m
Jumping mat surface area10,04 m²
Springs84 - 210 mm
Frame pad materialUV-resistant 350g/m² PVC coating
Frame pad measurementsWidth 36 cm - Thickness 25 mm
Fixation systemElastic cords
StandardNF EN 71-14 jan 2015
Type of packTrampoline + net + ladder + anchorage
Jumping matsStandard
Safety net
Opening Vertical zipper
Net materialPE 100 g/m²
Upper net fixingFiberglass rods
Number of posts8
Post diameter32 mm
Post materialHigh strength steel
Protective foam thickness10 mm
Sleeve materialGreen Polyester 350 g/m²
Step-ladderBlack corrosion-resistant thermo-coated steel - Slip-proof steps
Anchoring kit4 textile straps and 4 30-cm anchoring screws
Delivery information
Overall dimensions210 x 55 x 92 cm
Total weight132 kg

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16ft Ovalie 490 trampoline - Pack XXL

Oval 490 trampoline pack with safety enclosure, including step-ladder, premium cover, and anchoring kit. Multiply family games and jumps on this amazing elongated space!

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