Trampoline Tents

Transform your play area into a rest area with the trampoline tent! This accessory does not require you to take down your safety enclosure, and covers the entire surface area of your trampoline, including the protection pad.

Discover our surprising trampoline tent

The fixation kit included with the tent lets you set it up and take it down easily. Once the play session is over, it just takes a few seconds to set up the tent thanks to its flexible arches. The tent entry way zips open and close to give children easy access to this original, unique rest area.

After spending time jumping and performing figures on your trampoline, the tent gives you the chance to take a sheltered break. The tent is UV-resistant, and gives you the perfect excuse to take a nap in your garden!

A fun way to camp out with our trampoline tent

Praticing the trampoline is not just a stimulating, original way to burn off energy outdoors. Find a totally different, unusual use of your outdoor installation thanks to our round trampoline tents. It can sometimes be difficult to organize a camping trip for your children and their friends. With our lightweight trampoline tents that are easy to set up and store, you can relax in your garden.

The fixation kit lets you install the tent between the edge of the protection pad and the safety enclosure. There is absolutely nothing to take down! The jumping mat and protection pad are elastic and robust, and therefore can bear the weight of those underneath the tent. This garden playhouse will particularly delight your children.

An ideal outdoor activity for children

Our children's trampoline tents let you create a closed, perfectly safe place in a matter of minutes. Children will be delighted to have an above-ground playhouse right at home. From a dynamic game, the trampoline turns into a covered rest area thanks to the tent that reduces the intensity of the sun's rays. The zipped entry way makes for easy access. The jumping mat is comfortable and robust, letting users sit or lie on it to take a rest.

Your children will be able to invite their friends into the tent for a quiet time. Once quiet time is up, the trampoline tent can be quickly removed and the jumping can begin all over again!

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