Full Trampoline Net

France Trampoline recommends that you replace your damaged or worn-out equipment with a line of complete trampoline nets. These safety enclosures are delivered with net posts and the parts required to install the net around your trampoline.

Easily replace worn-our parts with a complete trampoline net

Should you notice signs of wear and tear on your net, net posts, or fixation system when inspecting your trampoline, it is easier and more economical to replace all the parts at once with this kit. Children and adults will once more be able to play safely on the trampoline inside a brand new safety enclosure. When properly installed, il prevents users from falling off the trampoline.

All the parts to your net with net posts will allow you to easily install the net immediately. You'll be able to enjoy the trampoline once again and perform jumps and figures in complete safety!

A net with net posts to ensure trampoline safety

A very popular activity in the summer, the trampoline is a sensational, playful, athletic activity. To guarantee you ideal, safe moments of fun, we make available spare replacement parts for your trampolines. You may now replace all damaged or worn-out parts due to bad weather or intensive use. In the event that several parts of your safety enclosure need changing, we recommend that you choose the complete enclosure that corresponds to your model.

The nets ensure your safety thanks to protection pads that reduce the risk of falling in the event of an awkward landing outside the jumping mat. They also allow you to limit the access to the trampoline when children cannot be under parental supervision.

High-quality net kits identical to the originals

France Trampoline has specialized in the design of trampolines and accessories since 1971. Our experience allows us to provide you with a line of high quality nets with net posts. These are compatible with our different corresponding models, as well as other makes of trampolines with similar dimensions. The polyester nets ensure the safety of both children and adults, and the tightly-woven mesh of the net prevents small children from getting their fingers caught in it.

The net posts are made of very resistant galvanized steel. For additional security, they are covered with foam sleeves to absorb any shocks in case a user lands awkwardly outside the jumping area. Once your complete trampoline net is installed, you and your family may start enjoying your trampoline immediately!

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