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Professional Trampoline Buyer's Guide

Introduction to professional trampolines

Trampolines are very popular today, and leisure centers and hospitality establishments are increasingly offering trampoline fun to their clients and guests.

Installing a trampoline should not be taken lightly by the leisure center manager: during the busy season, hundreds of children, teens, and adults will use the trampoline.

As for any other apparatus, a trampoline made available for public use must be standards-compliant, offering a very high level of safety to users and guarantees of robustness to the owner.

With close to 50 years experience on the trampoline market, we have developed extensive expertise allowing us to offer you superior-quality trampolines, compliant with European standards related to playground equipment (EN 1176). Our expertise also allows us to advise you on the right equipment and offer you custom-made solutions based on your specific needs. This Buyer's Guide will provide you with everything you need to know about trampolines as a leisure professional.

Choosing your trampoline

You'd like to install a trampoline in your structure, but don't know where to start?

Let's start at the beginning and define what type of trampoline is best-suited to your needs and constraints.

Here are the different factors to consider when choosing your trampoline:

1 - Available space

How much space is available to install your trampoline? In certains regions, property constraints may be a major issue. When choosing a spot for your future trampoline, make sure that the space around the trampoline is clear of any potentially dangerous objects such as walls, trees, electric poles, and fences. You also need to take into account the access to the trampoline, to make sure that this space is easy to access and easy to watch. Finally, remember to leave a security perimeter around the structure to ensure that the entrance to the trampoline remains unobstructed.

Once you've calculated the space available for your trampoline, you need to choose its shape.

2 - Shape

France Trampoline proposes modular trampolines in several shapes, all designed for professional use:

The Pro One :

Rectangular or square, this trampoline is equipped with a safety enclosure, and is available in several colours. The square Pro One measures 2.65 m x 2.65 m and the rectangular Pro One measures 3.65 m x 2.65 m.

The Aero trampoline batteries :

The Aero trampoline batteries are based on the Pro One trampoline. Below is a table listing the different sizes.

Trampoline configurations:

Model with safety enclosure 365x265ReferenceMaximal dimensions according to installationApproximate delivery times
Battery of 2 trampolinesAERO2F3657.90 x 2.65 m4 to 5 weeks
Battery of 4 trampolinesAERO4F3657.90 x 7.20 m5 weeks
Battery of 6 trampolinesAERO6F3657,90 m x 10.85 m5 weeks
Battery of 8 trampolinesAERO8F3657,90 m x 18,15 m6 weeks
Battery of 10 trampolinesAERO10F3657,90 m x 7,20 m6 weeks
Model with safety enclosure 265x265ReferenceMaximal dimensions according to installationApproximate delivery times
Battery of 2 trampolinesAERO2F2655.90 x 2.65 m4 to 5 weeks
Battery of 4 trampolinesAERO4F2655.90 x 5.20 m5 weeks
Battery of 6 trampolinesAERO6F2655.90 x 7.85 m5 weeks
Battery of 8 trampolinesAERO8F2655.90 x 10.50 m6 weeks
Battery of 10 trampolinesAERO10F2655.90 x 13.15 m6 weeks

The Aero batteries may be installed in several ways. To give you some examples, below you will find ways to install the batterie of 4 trampolines:

Once the available space and shape have been determined, it is time to consider financial and human resources.

3 - Financial and human resources

  • Local communities
  • Leisure centers
  • Amusement parks
  • Campgrounds
  • Hotels
  • Beach clubs

Both our Pro One and Aero trampolines may be used in all types of establishments, but require a bigger budget and more personnel to keep an eye on the larger number of children playing on the trampolines at the same time. However, it is important to remember that only one person should be allowed on the jumping mat at a time. For example, on a battery of 6 trampolines, only 6 users should be on the jumping mats, 1 user per mat.

The Pro One trampolines are individual trampolines, which means only one user on a trampoline at a time. Only one person is therefore needed to watch the access to trampoline. For these models, plan on spending between € 2,590 and € 3,390, including VAT (installation not included).

The Aero batteries are structures comprised of several trampolines. They may therefore handle several users at a time, but, as stated above, only ONE user par jumping mat. Pricing for the Aero batteries varies between € 4,890 and € 17,790, excluding VAT, shipping, and installation.

Why choose France Trampoline?

The Pro One trampolines and Aero trampoline batteries are based on the same model. The Pro One is a square (2.65 m x 2.65 m) or rectangular (3.65 m x 2.65 m) trampoline surrounded by a safety enclosure. The safety enclosure is equipped with a hinged door, and the trampoline may be accessed via either a step-ladder or set of steps.

The Aero batteries are comprised of square or rectangular Pro One trampolines. Within the battery, each trampoline is separated by a large, thick, compact foam pad. The battery is also equipped with a long footbridge made of ultra-compact foam and PVC to to allow users to easily access the jumping mats.

The trampoline structure

The high-quality steel used in the manufacturing of this trampoline with a safety enclosure measures 2 mm in thickness. To finish the industrial processing, the trampoline frame is successively cut, bent, drilled, sanded, and welded.

All these operations make the trampoline and the battery set extremely robust, and easy to install and uninstall.

The trampoline springs

The galvanized springs, specially manufactured for our batteries, are 215 mm long (except for the corner springs that measure 300 mm), measure 30 mm in diameter, with a coil diameter of 3.2 mm. These 80 (or 56) springs (per jumping mat) are suitable for all types of users.

These very robust trampolines have been designed for intensive use.

Trampoline frame pads

To ensure total user safety, the frame pads are sized and reinforced to withstand a lot of pressure. They are made of 60-mm thick, polyester foam.

The pads are covered with a very resistant (650 g/m2) PVC fabric, and designed to stand up to impacts made by users of all sizes. They are attached to the frame with elastic cords and straps to completely cover the frame and springs to protect the user from coming into contact with them.

To give the battery of trampolines a personalized aspect, the indoor and outdoor pads are available in several colours: blue, yellow, red, green, black, white, and grey.

The trampoline jumping mat

The jumping mat, chosen for intensive use, is cut to measure (2.94 m x 1.94 m, or 1.94 m x 1.94 m) and reinforced with several rows of stitching. The technical fabric is made of mesh netting.

Black straps sewn into the outer reinforcements, and equipped with galvanized steel rings, are used to hook up the springs.

The trampoline safety enclosures

The safety enclosure is equipped with a robust polyester (PE) net (3-mm thick thread, 40 x 40 mm mesh). The net is 220 cm high (200 cm for the Pro One).

A hinged door with an integrated net is also included for easy access to the trampoline. The protective net is a mandatory safety element to protect users from falling off the trampoline in the event of a bad fall. The height of the net (2.20 m) is also an important point: it was designed to be high enough to prevent users from falling out over the top of the net.

The trampoline step-ladder and footbridge

Trampoline access is gained by a galvanized steel step-ladder or footbridge, secured by a guardrail and the floor (covered with a thick safety pad). These two components allow easy access to the jumping mat. Furthermore, the footbridge suppllied with the battery of trampolines has a double access to make it easier for users to get on and off the mat. This accessory is also available in several colours.

The trampoline protective skirt

A protective skirt is included with the Pro One trampoline and Aero battery of trampolines, and is available in blue, yellow, red, green, orange, black, white, and grey.

Delivery and installation

Trampoline manufacturing times

Manufacturing times vary according to the type of trampoline ordered, but normally take from 4 to 6 weeks.

Please note: the manufacturing times indicated are approximate and may be subject to change. In any case, we always do our best to meet your requirements, and will provide you with definitive date when you place your order.


Transport costs are not included in our pricing. Transport cost and delivery times vary according to the size of the trampoline and the delivery address. These rates can be calculated upon request.

Installation tools and equipment

Your trampoline is delivered by a haulier. The equipment is delivered wrapped on one or more pallets. To unload the pallets, you will need a forklift. It is imperative to have the forklift at the time of delivery to save time when unloading the equipment. To ensure a safe, quick installation, we recommend that you have the following:

  • • Ladder
  • • Helmets
  • • Gloves

All hands on deck!

To install the trampolines, plan on having at least 3 people involved.

Installing the safety enclosure requires only two people.

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