30cm spring for professional Aero trampoline

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Spare spring for Aero professional trampoline. This spring is found in the corner of your trampoline. 



    The 30cm spring is specially designed to be put in the corner of your professional Aero trampolines. It is exactly the same as the original spring and benefits for the same level of quality. This spring is sold individually. 

    - Revive yourjumping mat. After seasons of intense use or an accumulation of water or snow on the mat, has your lost its bounce? It might be time to replace the over-stretched springs.

    - Corner springs. these 300mm springs (spring diameter 26.5 mm/ wire diameter 3.2 mm) are to be placed in the corners of your trampoline. They are longer than those that surround the rest of the jumping mat.

    - Compatible with professional Aero trampolines, the most closed hook of the spring is to be attached to the jumping mat and the more open one on the steel frame with the help of specific pliers that will help you pull the hooks without injury. 

    pring measurements.

    Length of springs300 mm
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