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Freestyle skis and snowboards

To offer your visitors more original, stimulating activities, try our freestyle boards! Playgrounds, leisure parks, and other professional establishments specializing in outdoor games and activities are increasingly diversifying their offer with trampolines.

Diversify your offer with our freestyle boards

France Trampoline makes available high quality accessories for even more fun with skis, boards, and skateboards. They are designed for intensive, athletic use on jumping mats. Using them on a trampoline will give jumpers additional thrills without exposing them to any injuries. Thrill-seekers will discover new ways to perform complex jumps and figures.

Our freestyle trampoline boards will particularly appeal to fans of board sports. Offer these users thrills that are comparable to those they get in real conditions with skis or skateboards. Players of all ages will have a lot of fun with this equipment thanks to their universal bindings.

More exciting sessions with freestyle trampoline boards

The trampoline is a very invigorating and recreational activity that is popular with both children and adults. With our freestyle trampoline boards, professional establishments may now offer even more innovative, surprising exercises and figures to perform. This equipment is designed to behave and react like the original models, all the while being adapted for trampoline use.

The boards are used on the jumping mats to provide users with awesome sensations and in complete safety. This is the perfect time to try out a new snowboard figure safely! A lot of users may experience the thrills of these boards thanks to the universal bindings that run from 36 to 43 in (French) shoe size. These freestyle ski and board bindings are lined with gel pads for total comfort.

Different models for different thrills

To satisfy as many visitors as possible at your professional leisure establishment, we provide you with skateboards, skis, and freestyle trampoline boards. All these accessories are of superior quality, made of wood and highly dense foam for ultimate comfort. Their shape very closely resembles that of their traditional versions in order to provide users with the same sensations.

Winter sports buffs will rapidly become familiar with this equipment on a trampoline, and will be able to try new figures that they wouldn't have dared to try on snow. Muscular memory will allow them to assimilate movements and improve on their technical skills in a secure environment. The freestyle board and the tramposkate will be perfect for performing tricks on the trampoline. You will be able to diversify your available activities, and in doing so renew your establishment's offer!

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    Accessories to replace traditional trucks to adapt your skateboard to trampoline use. Made of polyurethane, they allow you to use your skateboard on a trampoline without causing any damage to the jumping mat.


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