Tramposkate rubber wheels

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Accessories to replace traditional trucks to adapt your skateboard to trampoline use. Made of polyurethane, they allow you to use your skateboard on a trampoline without causing any damage to the jumping mat.



    Turn your classic skateboard into a trampoline skateboard!

    Airtrucks replace your skateboard's trucks (wheels) to let you use your skateboard on a trampoline. Made of polyurethane, they will not damage your jumping mat. These rubber wheels may also be used on the ground and are extremely shock-resistant.

    Dare to perform skate figures safely and easily thanks to the spring of the trampoline's jumping mat: easily memorize your figures thanks to the muscular memory during your training sessions on the trampoline.

    Easy to install, all you need to do is replace the current trucks on your skateboard with airtrucks. Product sold in pairs.

    Tramposkate rubber wheels
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