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Rugby posts

Rugby is a very popular team sport that you may now play at home with France Trampoline's rugby goalposts. They provide you with the perfect opportunity to practice your drop kicks and transformations, and play as if you were a real rugby pro.

Practice alone or with your family with our rugby goalposts

Your lawn will become a rugby pitch where players of all ages can have some safe rugby fun. Explain the rules of the game to your children calmly and gradually to let them learn the game at their own pace. They'll develop both their physical capabilities and their team spirit.

Our removable rugby goalposts come with an anchoring kit to let you anchor them to the ground for greater stability. To avoid any unpleasant surprises during a drop kick, the side posts are covered with a protective foam. Fans of the oval ball will be delighted to practice this sport at any time right in their own garden.

Garden rugby goalposts that are ideal for athletes

It is not always easy to find rugby goalposts close to home to be able to practice this team sport. This is why France Trampoline gives you the opportunity to install them directly in your garden. Despite their smaller size, they are designed to let players practice their drop kicks and transformations in a completely safe environment. With this garden installation, you'll become a rugby pro in no time!

Their seamless galvanized steel framework ensures robustness and a strong resistance to poor weather conditions, letting you practice outdoors all year round. These rugby goalposts for adults are suitable for both amateurs and athletes. Players who are well-versed in this sport will be able to share their tips and tricks with their fellow players, and organize games with family and friends.

Introduce the young ones to this team sport

Outdoor activities are ideal for introducing children to a new sport that will teach them to interact with others while having fun at the same time. Team spirit is an important part of ball games such as football or basketball, and the same applies to rugby. With these rugby goalposts, children can gradually become familiar with the rules and movements of this sport.

In the quiet of your own garden, you can teach them how to hold the foam ball, run around the pitch, and kick the ball between the goalposts. Even if they bump into a post, the foam covering will prevent them from hurting themselves.

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    Rugby training posts for children and adults, outdoor use all year round.


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