Tchoukball goal

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Tchoukball goal to practice precision football, handball and tchoukball shots.



    Are you a tchoukball or football amateur? Practice at home with this specially designed precision goal. A tchoukball goal is often used by football clubs to practice precision shots.

    The stretched net returns the ball to the kicker and allows the player to practice a series of dynamic shots.

    - This chukball goal is made with a very resistant steel lacquered structure with a 32.8 mm diameter and 1.2 mm thickness. It is made to stay outside all year round.

    - A black PVC protection pad covers the structure and the elastics. It allows to absorb shocks and to protect the player from misjudged shots.

    - The structure can be inclined at 50 to 65 ° thanks to a median bar on the back of the goal.

    - The polyester net that makes up the rebound area measures 1 sqm and is held in place by 32 elastics. The goal weighs 10.3 kg and can withstand dynamic.

    Tchoukball in a few words :

    A sport unjustly unknown, Tchoukball was invented by a Swiss doctor in the 60’s. It mixes volley-ball, squash and handball rules.

    It is played by 2 teams of 7 players. The attacking team must through the ball (size of a handball) against the opposing teams goal a catch the ball after the rebound outside of a given semi-circle drawn on the ground.

    Tchoukball goal
    Tchoukball goal

    Rebounding net, ideal for practice sessions

    This extremely tightened net ensures a dynamic rebounding of the ball on a 1m² surface area. Practising alone or with teammates becomes a lot more fun!

    Tchoukball goal

    A tilting frame for precision practicing

    This frame can be tilted from 50 to 65° to adapt to all different player levels. The higher the angle, the more difficult the practice session.

    Dimensions120 x 120 x 118 cm
    WarrantyFrame: 2 years
    Total weight10,3 kg
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