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The trampoline is the ideal leisure activity to burn off energy and tone up both body and mind. Take a break between training sessions and try one of our trampoline games! Designed for players of all ages, they let you test your skills and dexterity.

Practice your skills with our trampoline games

These low-level physical games allow even the most non-athletic players to spend some quality time with family and friends. The more athletic types can organize competitive games and improve on their coordination in a relaxed atmosphere.

France Trampoline supplies a wide range of outdoor accessories. The materials used are robust, to let you play all year-round. With a jumping area made safe by the safety enclosure and protection pads, your game sessions will be perfectly safe. Having fun in an unusual way has never been easier thanks to our juggling accessories and target games!

Trampoline games to improve your aim

Test your reflexes and agility with our trampoline games of skill! The jumps and figures performed on your installation let you practice your balance while having fun. With our accessories, you can develop your coordination skills by using your hands as well as your feet.

People of all ages can try to score the most points in the least number of tries on our Velcro targets. The game rules are simple: throw the Velcro balls at the target while jumping. Your balance and coordination are now being tested! Organizing a tournament is a great way to bring the whold family together. And keeping score is a clever way to have small children practice counting.

Work on your coordination while having fun

Another trampoline game that will please both children and adults is juggling! This activity is very practical for developing coordination, and may be played on your outdoor installation. Our pack of juggling balls give trampoline users an additional challenge. The balls' soft fabric let users learn to juggle without any risk of injury.

We also supply other juggling accessories to have fun over and over. For example, our foam die is perfect for young children. Soft and harmless, it lets them become familiar with numbers and counting while playing on the trampoline.

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    Make your trampolining sessions even more fun with these expression balls!

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    Anti-slip socks, specially made to be used on a trampoline, they will stop your children from slipping on the mat while jumping.

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