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Sports Trampoline Buyer's Guide

Sports trampolines

More than a leisure activity, the trampoline has become a true piece of sports equipment! Gymnastics, fitness, physiotherapy: sports professionals today are looking for trampolines and springboards combining performance and robustness. Since 1971, France Trampoline has been supplying gyms, sports clubs, communities and schools, and our many years of experience allow us to offer you the finest equipment.

All our sports trampolines comply with very demanding technical specifications: they meet strict criteria when it comes to performance and robustness. Above all, we are inflexible when it comes to the safety of our trampolines, which are all certified.

Our sports trampolines are available in 4 models:

  • The MiniMax : this small trampoline with springs is mainly geared toward individuals wishing to work out at home.
  • The MiniMax Pro : this trampoline with elastic bands is used in gyms and by personal trainers. It performs well and is very robust, and is particularly well-adapted to fitness classes.
  • The blue Gym Trampo School springboard : this springboard is designed for use in schools and lets pupils and students practice different exercises such as the pommel horse and the drop jump.
  • The red Gym Trampo Pro springboard : this springboard combining high-performance and robustness is designed for adult gymnasts.
MiniMax fitness trampoline

MiniMax - France Trampoline
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Check out the Minimax

Sports trampoline with elastics

MiniMax Pro - France Trampoline
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Check out the Minimax Pro

Professional gymnastics mini-trampoline

Gym Tramp Ecole - France Trampoline
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Check out the Gym tramp School

Mini-trampoline for basketball and dunking

Gym Tramp Pro - France Trampoline
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Check out the Gym tramp Pro

Fitness trampolines

Fitness trampolines are all the rage! Whether you are a sports amateur or professional, you had to have noticed! Fitness trampolines have popped up everywhere in homes and gyms. Taking up very little room and ideal for workouts at all levels, they give users the chance to work on muscle-building, cardio-vascular training, as well as physiotherapy.

For an adult to have enough space to work out correctly, we recommend using a mini-trampoline measuring at least 1 m in diameter.

We offer 2 fitness trampoline models: the Minimax and the Minimax Pro.

The Minimax trampoline for home exercise

The Minimax is mainly used by individuals at home. It lets them perform fitness exercises on their own, or in a private lesson with a personal trainer.

Well-performing and not costly, the trampoline is 22 cm high: a user can easily get on and off quickly if need be during an exercise session. The steel frame can withstand up to 80 kg. Its compact format and removable legs allow users move it and store it easily.

This trampoline is for private use, and is an excellent piece of equipment for gymnastics, body-building, or physiotherapy sessions at home.

The Minimax may be equipped with a detachable handrail for added stability or when used by children. It is ideal for children to experience their first trampoline jumps under parental supervision.

The handrail is easy to remove to re-convert the trampoline into one used by adults.

The Minimax Pro: for intense, athletic use

You represent a fitness center and are planning to offer trampoline sessions to groups? In that case, you'll need sturdy equipment that will last throughout the season.

The Minimax Pro is especially designed for sports professionals. Manufactured in Europe, this mini-trampoline with a built-on handrail is made to withstand intensive use.

Unlike the Minimax, equipped with springs, the Minimax Pro's jumping mat is fastened to the frame with thick elastic bands, making the jumping mat more flexible and movements more fluid. The Minimax Pro is therefore perfectly suited to stand up to heavy workouts by adults of all ages.

The flexibility of the jumping mat is also ideal for physiotherapy sessions: the bounces are supple and so not traumatic on bone joints. The Minimax Pro is therefore a natural choice for physiotherapists and health professionals involved in rehabilitation.

The Minimax Pro withstands up to 80 kg. Its 35-mm thermo-lacquered steel frame and jumping mat with reinforced stitching are extremely robust. Built for intensive use, it offers maximal productivity.

Springboards for schools

Used by local communities and schools in physical education classes and sports practices, these springboards comply with the compulsory EN-13219 and EN-913 standards.

These standards are particularly demanding when it comes to the springboard's stability, which has to guarantee bounces of equal consistency. Furthermore, our springboards are equipped with wooden feet so that it will not move while in use.

For use in primary or secondary schools, the springboard jumping mat should be large enough for one jumper, and easily adjustable in height. That's why the Gym Trampo School is supplied with a 73 x 73-cm jumping mat and held up by 180-mm springs.

The frame pad covering the springs must be thick and firmly attached. We supply a 30-mm thick piece of foam to absorb any shocks if a jumper ever loses balance during a jump.

For optimal safety conditions and longer springboard life, we recommend a weight limit of 80 kg.

To guarantee impeccable product quality and services, we carry this springboard's spare parts for 10 years following your purchase, so there's no need to worry about maintaining your springboard.

Springboards for dunking practice

Equally compliant with the EN-13219 and EN-913 standards concerning the stability and adhesion, the springboards for gyms and more specifically for dunking practice are perfectly suited to professional use. We recommend that you limit the weight load to 100 kg to ensure user safety.

A springboard should be powerful enough to allow the user to reach optimal height to perform dunk shots or to evolve on gymnastic equipment. To do so, our Gym Trampo springboard is equipped with 215-mm springs for powerful jumps.

Equipped with a large square frame measuring 125 x 125 cm, the jumping mat measures 63 x 63 cm: it is therefore sized for seasoned users.

For optimal safety conditions, the springboard springs are hidden by a frame pad. This pad protects not only the springs but also the user from coming into contact with the springs and causing injuries. The foam inside the frame pad must be thick enough to protect the user in case he / she loses balance while jumping. Most springboards have a 25-cm foam pad, but France Trampoline's foam pad is 30-cm thick for added safety.

The advantage of this springboard is that it is foldable, and weighs only 40 kg, making it easy to move around. By folding its feet, it becomes easy to store.

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