Circular framework 6ft. Access, Initio & Start'Up 180

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Replace the hot-dip galvanised steel circular framework on your 6ft Start'Up, Initio or Access 180 trampoline



    The framework on your trampoline can get damaged after violent winds or after several years of intensive use.

    With this spare part, you will not need to buy a brand-new trampoline to continue enjoying the fun of your trampoline. 

    - This hot-dip galvanised steel circular framework is designed for the 6ft. Start'Up 180, Access 180 and Initio 180 trampolines. The hot-dip galvanisation protects the steel from corrosion. 

    - The ends of the curved frame piece are cinched in order to be assembled with X-junction components. 

    - Circular framework sold individually. 

    Please note: This item is not compatible with other brands of trampolines.

    Trampoline size183 cm
    France Trampoline modelStart'Up / Initio / Access 180
    CategoriesArcs de cercle armature
    Arc de cercle acier
    Diamètre & épaisseur acier38 x 1,5 mm
    MatièreAcier galvanisé - Traité anti-corrosion
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