Pack 25 cords with 25 plastic hooks

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Pack 25 cords with 25 plastic hooks



    Discover our pack of 25 bungee cords with 25 plastic snap hooks, a multi-purpose set to help you secure and hang your trampoline net, your protective cushion or your cover.

    You have two practical options for your trampoline net:

    - You can reuse the old elastics from your hooks by replacing them with the new carabiners included in the pack.

    - You can use the bungee cords supplied in the pack and attach them to the snap hooks on your net.

    - For the cushion, you can use the bungee cords in the pack to replace your old bungee cords. Simply pass the bungee cords through the eyelets on the cushion, and you can easily attach it and secure it to the frame, ensuring optimum protection during use of the trampoline.

    - For the protective cover, use the bungee cords and the large flat hooks to secure your protection during the winter, for example.

    Pack 25 cords with 25 plastic hooks
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