Set of 16 elastics for PVC cover

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Spare elastics for your trampoline frame pad.



    All trampolines are equipped with various different parts which are prone to wear and tear over time. It is necessary to replace any damaged parts in order to maintain a dynamic and safe trampoline. Certain parts, such as the frame pad elastics that keep the frame pad attached to the framework are important for user safety.

    - Our frame pad elastics are black and are threaded through steel eyelets which are situated on the underside of the frame pad of your garden trampoline. This fixation system provides safe support and allows the frame pad to remain safely attached to your trampoline framework. They also allow the frame to remain stable and carry out its role of breaking any falls.

    - If one frame pad elastic is damaged we advise you to check all elastics to make sure that your frame pad will remain safely in place on your trampoline. This will allow you to order all the elastics in one go and to provide optimal safety to all jumper's.

    - Depending on your trampoline model, the number of frame pad elastics will vary. We provide these elastics in single units in order to satisfy all customers.

    Set of 16 elastics for PVC cover
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