Infinity Pack - Infinity Zipline + Ninjaline

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Infinity Pack including Infinity zip-line & Ninja obstacle course + Slackline


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The Infinity Aventure pack includes the longest zip line in France, a 45m zip line, as well as the 15m Ninja course.

This 45m long zip line has nothing to envy to the acrobranche zip lines. The Infinity zip line has a wider, strong 8mm diameter cable that you simply stretch between two trees separated by 45m or less. The zip line can be set up in as little as 2 hours, preferably by two people. The cable is very long, so don't hesitate to buy the France Trampoline cable tensioner to make the installation easier.

A complete kit ready to be installed is provided. You will find the 45m long cable, a sling cable and a turnbuckle to tighten the zip line. On the other side, the cable will go around the tree and will be held in place by the 3 cable clamps. The zip line consists of a red steel pulley with gripped handles, a wooden seat and a spring brake to secure your arrival.

How do you install a large zip line in your garden? Using our initial installation tips at the bottom of the page, choose the terrain and set up your homemade zip line safely.

For more fun and adventure, France Trampoline offers you the Ninja + Slackline course in its adventure pack. Placed between two trees or two poles, well anchored, this 15m long sport course aims to go from obstacle to obstacle like the great athletes of the show Ninja Warrior.

The course is set up with a 15m long strap to be placed at the top. This strap, with its 30 attachment points, can accommodate a large number of obstacles. 7 obstacles are already included in the pack: 3 spinners, 2 fixed bars and 2 rings. But don't hesitate to discover many other compatible obstacles on the "Ninja line accessories" page.

In addition, a second slackline strap, to be placed underneath the course, will facilitate the crossing of the course for the youngest. Tree guards are also provided to prevent the Ninja Line straps from damaging your trees.

These products are intended for family use.

Infinity Pack - Infinity Zipline + Ninjaline
Infinity Pack - Infinity Zipline + Ninjaline

Choose the space

Choose an empty space : healthy trees with a minimum 36in (92cm) circumference or a 12in (31cm) diameter.

1 : Departing tree with a maximum circumference of 188 cm / minimum diameter 30 cm  and maximum diameter 60 cm (a longer start cable is also available FTTYRO_ELIN14).

2 : Arrival tree with a maximum circumference of 92 cm (minimum diameter 30 cm, with a maximum diameter of 40 cm)

Infinity Pack - Infinity Zipline + Ninjaline

Cable height

The Point of arrival must be 2ft. (61cm) higher than the tallest user. The Starting point needs to be the highest to create a safe course. For your safety; an 8% incline is recommended.

A : Height of departure = height of the user + 2ft. (61cm) + drop

B : Incline = length of the course x 8% incline

Please note that the distance between the starting point and the finishing point must not exceed 45m.

DimensionsZipline : 45 m / Ninja Slackline : 15 m
User weight limit110 kg
Installation tipInstall on a flat, cleared area
Minimum age3 years - recommended 6 years and over
Warranty1 year
NormeMarquage CE et EN-71
Delivery information
Overall dimensions70 x 70 x 60 cm
Total weight15 Kg

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