Zipline & Slackline

Get your fill of thrills with our zipline. Its adjustable cable makes it easy to install in your garden.

Get a sensation of freedom with a zipline

Simply tension it and attach it to two healthy trees, then whiz across your garden without touching the ground. Children will be delighted to launch themselves into the air over and over in complete safety. This outdoor activity will also appeal to thrill-seeking teens and adults. The solidity of the equipment guarrantees them the same sensations as those of younger zippers.

Our zipline kit includes the cables and fixations, as well as the seat and braking system. To limit the risk of falling, the pulley is equipped with slip-grip handlebars. The whole family will be ready for some outdoor fun, either at home or on holiday. This game is easy to install and uninstall so that you may take it with you anywhere.

Set up a perfectly safe garden zipline

France Trampoline offers a children's zipline that is easy to install and perfectly safe. Install your zipline over flat ground devoid of objects (bushes, fountains, and so on) that may get in the users' way. A sandy ground or one covered with grass will help cushion any falls. The installation guide explains how to set up the cables, the pulley, the seat, and the brakes. The cable is adjustable to fit in your garden. The seat height is also adjustable to suit the size of the user.

Your children will feel a strong sensation of freedom right in your own garden. No more need to take the car and go to an amusement park! The zipline game can also be taken with you on a week-end away or on a family holiday.

A stimulating, original game for children

Set off on an adventure without leaving your home and soar through the air with our garden zipline! Children love outdoor activities, since they can blow off steam and have endless fun. Offer them a safe installation they can spend hours playing on. With parental supervision, even the youngest ones will discover the joys of zipping along above the ground.

The zipline, a children's game, is easy to install and uninstall to organize play sessions in sunny weather. This original activity is the ideal occasion to invite friends over for a fun afternoon spent outdoors. Feel like sharing some quality family time with your children? Then climb on up and zip on down to turn the zipline into a family activity.

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