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Pro Trampolines

France Trampoline has a range of trampolines specifically adapted to professional use. Whether you work in a tourist establishment, a campsite, a hotel or even a theme park, installing a battery of professional trampolines is a safe investment.

Trampolines manufactured for sport professionals !

This is a long term investment and is adapted to all budgets. You can order up to 10 trampolines in a battery.

Our professional trampolines will bring dynamics to your structure: they will attract users of all ages without adding any extra administrative or maintenance work.

They are extremely solid. They include the following components: springs measuring up to 215 mm in length depending on your installation, a high quality stainless steel frame and resistant mesh nets, which guarantee the resistance of your equipment.

Offer a cool activity with your professional trampoline

Leisure centers for visitors of all ages are increasingly investing in professional trampolines because of their increasing popularity. This activity is greatly appreciated by thrill-seekers and athletic types who attend these centers. France Trampoline's expertise in this field guarantees you high-quality equipment for intensive use by people of different ages and sizes. Users will be able to perform dynamic jumps and figures in a completely safe environment.

Our professional trampolines comply with the current safety standards, and may be installed in public places such as trampolines parks, fitness centers, and amusement parks. Outdoor game specialists may rely on our different products to diversify their offer. From a standalone trampoline, to a battery of ten trampolines, to a fitness trampoline, you will find the perfect type of installation to entertain the public!

High-quality, leisure prrofessional trampolines

To sell professional trampolines, two criteria need to be taken into account: performance and quality. Since 1971, our experience in designing trampolines has ensured our customers reliable, resistant equipment designed for intensive use. The galvanized steel structure stands up to harsh weather conditions and is built to last. The jumping mat provides users with dynamic jumps time after time, in a completely safe environment thanks to a safety enclosure surrounding the structure. For additional safety, we also provide protective skirts to prevent children from crawling underneath the trampoline.

Access to professional trampolines is made possible with a step-ladder, and the hinged entry way may be equipped with a padlock if needed. To move around between the jumping areas and the trampoline batteries, we provide wide, protection-pad walkways. These walkways protect users from landing on the springs, and cushion any awkward landings.

Discover our professional trampoline models designed for public use

Whether you own an amusement park, a fitness center, or an outdoor activity center, we provide you with a selection of models from which to purchase your professional trampoline.All our equipment is designed with the same quality and specifications, for stimulating experiences time and time again.

Our trampoline batteries are ideal for indoor or outdoor use, and are customisable according to your needs and taste. You may assemble from two to ten jumping mats for users of all ages to play on in complete safety. Choose the colors of your protection mats!

If you are looking for a single trampoline to entertain visitors to your establishment, we have several professional trampolines available for jumpers of all ages. They are delivered with a step-ladder and entry mat.

The trampoline is more than a thrilling leisure activity, it is also a vivifying, original sport. Fitness centers may install a fitness trampoline or springboard for their members. Private individuals may opt for an indoor trampoline to practice in the comfort of their own home.

Keep in shape with the trampoline

Jumping and performing figures on the jumping mat requires specific physical and mental capabilities that develop over time. Visitors will love the feeling of freedom they get when using the trampoline. With professional trampolines, users will have fun and burn off energy in a perfectly safe environment!

This play area will let users practice intensively, alone or with friends, and have a great time! For additional experiences, opt for our game or sporting accessories, depending on how you wish to use your installation.

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