Ø42/38 mm T-junction

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Make sure you check the components on your trampoline regularly!



    To hold the framework of your trampoline firmly to the feet, we use solid T-junction components. These T-junction components are a France Trampoline exclusivity, however they are also perfectly adapted to trampolines of other brands with similar characteristics and dimensions.

    They are very resistant. The hot-dip galvanised steel used to make these components is rust resistant. It will therefore not deteriorate in difficult weather conditions.

    The T-shaped component is easy to use. You will not need any tools or screws; all you need to do is assemble the circular framework of the trampoline to one of the feet using the T-junction component. You can then close the cylinder and it will ensure solid hold.

    This model has been designed for our Ovalie 360/430, Oxygen 360 and Jump'Up 360/390/430/460 (Jump Up sold since june 2016) trampolines.

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