Ø25 mm cap for net post (fibreglass rods)

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End cap Ø25mm for net with fibreglass bows



    The end caps are the plastic parts that hold the safety net to the top of the poles, ensuring a long and beautiful life for your trampoline.

    - The 25mm diameter end cap is suitable for all sizes of the Initio range of trampolines.

    - It is used to clip the fibreglass arches of the safety net to the top of the poles, so that children can play safely on the trampoline. These fibreglass bows distribute the tension of the trampoline net.

    - The end cap is fitted to the top posts of the net and the fibreglass arches are then clipped into the notch of the Ø25 mm end cap.

    The 25 mm end cap is only suitable for 25 mm diameter uprights.

    France Trampoline modelInitio
    Frame tube diameter25 mm
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