Apollo Sport 500 trampoline net with straps

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Textile net held in place by straps suitable for the Apollo Sport 500 trampoline purchased before March 2012.



    The enclosure is an essential element on a trampoline. It ensures user safety and stops them from falling out of the jumping area. However, it can also become damaged. It absorbs shocks, gets sun and weather-damaged and therefore should be checked regularly. If your 8 net posts are still in good condition, it is possible to keep them and just change the netting.

    - This net is adapted to our Apollo Sport 500 model bought before March 2012, but is also adapted to all rectangular trampolines of 5.10 m by 3.68 m with an enclosure with  8 net posts.

    - This net is made from highly resistant polyester, as it is solid and soft. The netting is very fine so children cannot get there fingers caught in it. You can leave your trampoline outside thanks to its UV treatment.

    - The net is black and has a zipped opening, that children and adults will be able to find easily, thanks to coloured stitching that is placed around the zip. This means that you can quickly check if the enclosure of your trampoline is closed, as safety is paramount.

    - This net is fixed to each net post, using a strap that goes around a plastic cap at the top of each net post. The lower part of the enclosure is attached to the springs and goes over the framework and the frame pad of your trampoline, meaning that users will not be at risk of slipping between the netting and the frame pad, as is often the case on low-cost trampolines.

    - Black straps with a hook allow you to attach this net correctly and to optimize its tension, if the net posts are 2.60 m tall and the steel framework of your trampoline at 89 cm from the ground.

    - The net is fixed at the bottom with elastic bungee cords and hooks. These fasteners are included with the textile net.

    Safety net
    Opening Vertical zipper
    Net materialPE 100 g/m²
    Upper net fixingStraps
    Number of posts8
    Warranty6 months
    Number of elastics30
    Height of the net1m80
    Trampoline sizeRectangular 5,24 x 3,03 m
    France Trampoline modelApollo Sport 500
    CategoriesTrampoline nets
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