Premium textile net for Apollo Square trampoline

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Premium textile net compatible with the Apollo Square 300 trampoline. 



    Essential for the safety of your trampoline, this net is for you. This premium quality net will gently break your falls when you land outside the jumping mat and keep you from falling off the  trampoline. 

    Designed for the Apollo Square 300 trampoline, it is easy to install both at the top and bottom. You need to be equipped with all  the accessories to install it on the trampoline (net sold separately): the fiberglass rods, net posts, and caps. If these different parts are in good condition, then simply replace the textile net. 

    At the top, simply slip the fiberglass rods held in place with plastic caps through the net. Being maintained this way all around the trampoline, this hooking technology ensures enhanced shock-absorbing. At the bottom, the net is held in lace underneath the trampoline. The lower 30 anchoring points prevent users from getting caught between the net and protective pad. 

    The net is made of a tight polyester mesh weighing 160 g/m². This tight mesh prevents fingers from getting caught in it and softly cushions any spills. The product’s quality makes it tear-proof, allowing you to keep on using it for years. 

    Equipped with a vertical zippered opening that lets you on and close the net from both sides, this opening also has 3 carabiners for additional safety. The opening is red, making it easy to see. 

    The net is fixed at the bottom with elastic bungee cords and hooks. These fasteners are included with the textile net.

    Premium textile net for Apollo Square trampoline
    Safety net
    Opening Vertical zipper
    Net materialPolyester mesh 160 g/m²
    Upper net fixingFiberglass rods
    Number of posts8
    Warranty6 months
    Number of elastics30
    Height of the net1m80
    Trampoline sizeCarré 3,05 x 3,05 m
    France Trampoline modelApollo Square 300
    CategoriesTrampoline nets
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