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100 Balls net for ball pool

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100 coloured, plastic, pool balls to have fun on your trampoline. 



    Transform your trampoline into a genuine play area thanks to this batch of 100 multi-coloured balls. Very light, they will bounce round the trampoline in rhythm with the jumper. An ideal game for fun jumping sessions!

    - These pool balls are provided in packs of 100 and in various colours. They are sold in an et, ideal for easy storage.

    - Each balls net contains the following coloured balls: blue, green, yellow, orange. Vibrant colours to give a bit of pep to your trampoline.

    - Each ball measures 6 cm in diameter, allowing young children to grab the ball in one hand.

    - Made from plastic (PE), theses balls are very light and soft, weighing only a few grams, making them safe and easy to throw around.

    - They are also flexible and deform themselves when walked upon. To regain original shape all you need to do is press on it.

    These balls are originally for ball pools, so they can also be used for other children’s games.

    100 Balls net for ball pool

    int(4) customers gave an average score of 4.5/5 to this product

    Amélie. F

    Très amusant dans le trampoline et resistantes

    Isabelle. A

    Je suis ravie d.avoir pris ce sac de balles supplémentaire

    Hélène. C

    ne pas en mettre trop à la fois dans le trampoline de crainte de sauter dessus et se faire un mal

    Armelle. K

    100 balles super mais trop peu !!!!!

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