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Smartphone support for trampoline

Smartphone support for trampoline


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32,90 € VAT incl.

Take a selfie with your trampoline! Thanks to this pack including a telephone support and a remote-control film and photograph yourself easily inside your trampoline. Fix the support to a net post, insert your telephone into the support and shoot your photos from a distance!

This universal telephone support can adapt to all types of trampoline and smartphone.

- A clamp on the back of the support will allow you to fix the support to a net post cap. The clamp is adjustable and can be fixed onto a cap with a diameter of maximum 4 cm.

- The support can rotate 360°, allowing you to easily orientate it form portrait to landscape mode.

- This support is adapted to smartphones measuring between 5 and 9 cm.

- The clamp is covered with anti-slip foam, to firmly hold the phone in place without damaging it. The elastic tabs prevent the phone from slipping.

- The remote-control connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It allows you to take photos and videos while jumping, without a delay and without touching your phone.

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