Foam football

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A light, foam football for safe use on a trampoline. This ball will be perfectly adapted to use with the Trampo-football accessory and will not damage your trampoline.



    This foam football will allow your children to play safely on their trampoline, whatever their age. The advantage of this ball is its lightness which makes it easy to control.

    - 20.5 diameter and only 260 gr!

    - Made from low density polyurethane.

    - Ideal for playing with the Trampo-football on your garden trampoline.

    - This ball can also be used outside of the trampoline playing area and on all types of terrain.

    - Storage advise: do not leave the ball in a humid area or in contact with water.

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    Nice to use not to hurt anyone while playing football. To manipulate better a real football is better though.

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