Jumping mat Airjump Octopulse/Waouuh 390 - 96 springs 230mm

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Waouuh - Octopulse 390  AirJump jumping mat (springs sold separately)



Product available in different sizes

When your jumping mat is damaged, it is essential to replace it. This jumping mat is adapted to octagonal trampolines measuring 3.96 m by 3.66 m with 96 springs of 230 mm, whether they are from France Trampoline’s brand or not.

- This jumping mat was initially designed for the Waouuh 390 model; it will however fit any trampoline with the same characteristics. It is imperative to measure your trampoline before ordering, in order to choose the right jumping mat.

- It is made from high density, resistant mesh fabric. A UV protective coating protects it from sunlight and guarantees extra durability.

- Steel rings are anchored at the end of 8 rows of stitches, compared to 6 commonly used on other trampolines on the market, to which a reinforcement strip is added, ensuring solidity. These rings have been hot-dip galvanised to protect them from rusting.

- Adapted to the Waouuh 390 trampoline measuring 3.96 m by 3.66 m with 96 springs of 230 mm, or any other trampoline with the same characteristics, this jumping mat will give your trampoline back its original power. However, it is not adapted to trampolines with springs shorter or longer than 230 mm in length. To get your order right, you should measure your springs precisely. Remove a spring by pressing firmly down in its centre. Measure the spring from hook to hook.

- This jumping mat contains 80 triangular clips and 8 round clips at each corner. Two springs must be placed on the round ties.

Springs are sold separately

Jumping mat Airjump Octopulse/Waouuh 390 - 96 springs 230mm
Jumping mat Airjump Octopulse/Waouuh 390 - 96 springs 230mm

A technical jumping mat designed for DARING jumps

Our new AirJump jumping mat is much more aerated than our traditional jumping mats, this mat will have users jumping for joy!
More air for less resistance, resulting in much higher jumps!

Jumping mat Airjump Octopulse/Waouuh 390 - 96 springs 230mm

High-precision fixation systems

The original shape of the fixations was designed to keep the springs from shifting during any jump. The fixings of your jumping mat are reinforced with 8 rows of stitches and a reinforcement strap to ensure maximal resistance.

Jumping mat
Jumping mat materialAirJump Mesh PP Mesh PP 4x4
Assembly8 rows of stitches + 1 reinforcement band
Warantee6 months
StandardEN 71-14 janv. 2015
N° of springs96
Length of springs230 mm
Trampoline sizeOctogonal 3,96 x 3,66 m
France Trampoline modelWaouuh - Octopulse 390
CategoriesToiles de saut
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