Discs for Ninja slackilne

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Disc as an accessory for Ninja courses. Recommended for use from the age of 6.



    To move along the ninja course, the disc moves along the strap with the force of your arms. The ring is lifted to move along the belt. This obstacle helps develop a sense of balance and strengthens the abdominal muscles, the back muscles and the upper body in general.

    The discs are sold in sets of 2 and are black.

    The ring must be passed through the strap before the slackline is installed. The slackline should be installed in a place on the ninja course where there are no attachments for safe use. The disc has a diameter of 23 cm and a width of 28 mm. The pair weighs 0.8 kg.

    Recommended for use from the age of 6 years and limited to a maximum weight of 110 kg.

    Discs for Ninja slackilne
    Ninja Pro Course Accessory
    Maximum weightMax 110kg
    ÂgeFrom 6 years old
    Guarantee12 months
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