Protective skirt for 360 trampoline

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Safety skirt preventing access under your trampoline, for round, 3.60 m in diameter trampolines with additional storage pockets.

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    This safety skirt discreetly makes your trampoline safer by preventing access beneath the trampoline. When positioned around the trampoline it prevents access underneath. It can be incredibly dangerous under a trampoline, when it is in use: the jumping pad can sometimes be very close to the ground. It is imperative to stay away from this area to avoid any injury. The safety skirt prevents danger by stopping children and pets from slipping under the trampoline.

    - It is however, important to check that there is no one under the trampoline before starting to use it. The netting on the skirt is very small and fine, you can still look through it to check beneath the trampoline. Beware if you have small pets, as they can be sneaky enough to find a way of hiding.

    - This safety skirt also has lateral storage pockets. Made up of 5 big pockets, this storage bag will make your training sessions much more practical. You will now be able to tidy away your children’s toys and shoes, as well as your personnel objects which could break. They will be protected and safely tidied away.

    - This green safety skirt is very easy to fix your safety skirt to the trampoline. Not only can you attach it to the framework, but tent pegs are included to securely fix it to the ground, so that the entire structure is more secure.

    The safety skirt is compatible with round trampolines of 3.60 m in diameter.

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