Protective skirt for Waouuh 430 trampoline

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Safety skirt for recreational Waouuh 430 trampolines with a storage pocket for personal items.



    This safety skirt is placed around the lower part of your trampoline, preventing access to young children.  Even if your children love to hide under the trampoline, it is important to know that this could be very dangerous for them. The flexibility of the jumping pad, due to the springs, means that when you land on the pad, it can be very near to the ground. To avoid the risks of injury, it is very important to prevent passage under the trampoline.

    - In order to check if there is no danger before jumping on your trampoline, the netting on the skirt is very fine. This netting will therefore allow you to check that your children and pets are not hidden under the trampoline. You can then enjoy your session fully, without any danger.

    - It also has storage pockets sewn to it, so that you can store all of your trampoline accessories, shoes and jumpers to stay warm after the trampolining session. With its 5 large pockets, this storage bag will prevent you from loosing your personal items!

    - All you now need to do is attach the safety skirt to the framework of your trampoline, thanks to its simple fixation system. Metal pegs are then used to attach it to the ground and improve overall stability.  Once the skirt is fixed to the trampoline, then you can easily install an enclosure on your trampoline.

    - The safety skirt is green 

    - This skirt has been designed for Waouuh 430  trampolines.

    CompatibilityOctogonal Trampoline 4,23 x 3,96 m
    Warranty6 months
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