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16ft black Booster 490 trampoline with safety enclosure

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The biggest Booster trampoline will provide lots of space and fun for learning new tricks.



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With its large 16ft diameter, this trampoline offers a generous jumping area for children and adults alike. With its distinguished look and its 120 springs, this Booster is reserved for dynamic jumping amateurs and high-performance equipment.

- The 120, 230 mm long springs that equip this trampoline will allow users to jump to new heights. These longer and larger springs bring a better jumping quality compared to low cost trampoline with 14 or 16 cm long springs.

- 14,38 sqm dedicated to jumping, the equivalent of a large sized bedroom!This is the perfect amount of space to try out all of our accessories, from freestyle skis to basketball hoop. For extra resistance, the jumping mat is strengthened with a reinforcement strap and 8 rows of stitching.

- Withstands up to 170 kg! The framework of this trampoline is made from 2 mm thick and 48 mm wide galvanized steel tubes that fit together thanks to T-junctions components.

- Safety and solidity guaranteed thanks to our premium enclosure. The 10 large net posts stand directly on the ground and render the entire structure more stable. These net posts measure 38 mm in diameter, compared to 25 mm found on most other brands. More so, the metal work is not pierced as we use brackets to fix the net posts.

- Optimal netting tension thanks to fibreglass rods, for a more stability and aesthetics. The net is made from tight polyester netting, softer and more resistant than polyethylene netting that is used on most trampolines on the market.

- Thick frame pad that covers the whole spring area. It ensures user safety and breaks any falls outside of the jumping mat area. The 650g/m² PVC cover is very resistant and has a UV protection.

16ft black Booster 490 trampoline with safety enclosure
16ft black Booster 490 trampoline with safety enclosure

Reinforced galvanized steel frame for unequalled robustness

Thicker, galvanized steel, black laquer finish, large springs, the Booster stands out from the rest thanks to the quality of its materials and its bold design! Seamlessly assembled thanks to its T-shaped joining parts, exclusively available at France Trampoline.

16ft black Booster 490 trampoline with safety enclosure

A premium quality safety net

The Booster trampolines are equipped with a Premium quality safety net, and the net's steel frame tubes go all the way to the ground for optimal stability. The net's perfect tension is ensured by fiberglass rods. The opening is secured by a double-closing system.

16ft black Booster 490 trampoline with safety enclosure

Put more spring in your jumps!

Thanks to its extra-large springs, the very tightly-tensioned jumping mat provides athletes with an unparalleled jump height. As a guarantee of quality, it is reinforced by 8 rows of stitches, and its fixations keep the springs firmly in place.

16ft black Booster 490 trampoline with safety enclosure

Bold performances for tireless bouncers!

Designed for intensive use, athletic children, teens, and adults  will be able to enjoy day-in and day-out the bold performances of the Booster trampolines.

illustration de caractéristiques du produit 16ft black Booster 490 trampoline with safety enclosure
Outer dimensions488 cm
UseAthletic, intense
Warantee5-year warantee on structure, springs, and jumping mats - 1 year on net and pad - 6 months on all other parts
User weight limit150 kg
Total height269 cm
Trampoline height89 cm
Structure materialGalvanized steel - corrosion resistant
JunctionEn T
Steel frame diameter & thickness42 x 2 mm
Steel legs diameter & thickness42 x 2 mm
Number of legs5
Jumping mat materialMesh 270 g/m²
Jumping mat diameter4,35 m
Jumping mat surface area14,85 m²
Springs120 210-mm springs
Frame pad materialUV-resistant 650g/m² PVC coating
Frame pad measurementsWidth 34 cm - Thickness 30 mm
Fixation systemElastic cords
StandardNF EN 71-14 jan 2015
Safety net
Opening2 net panels with snap hooks
Net materialPolyester mesh 160 g/m²
Upper net fixingFiberglass rods
Number of posts10
Post diameter38 mm
Post materialHigh strength steel
Protective foam thickness10 mm
Sleeve material350g/m2 BlackPolyester
Delivery information
Overall dimensions160 x 55 x 93 cm
Total weight174 kg

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16ft Booster 490 trampoline with safety enclosure + ladder + anchor + cover

The Booster 490 trampoline with enclosure is perfect for families looking for outstanding performances.

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6 customers gave an average score of 4.8/5 to this product

Thierry. E

très beau trampoline! beau rebond, grande stabilité; les matériaux le composant semblent de très bonne qualité : rigidité du cadre, précision d'assemblage, qualité des plastiques... super!

Jean-matthieu. B

Comme dit précédemment, le trampoline est très bien, le filet aussi. Deux choses sont à revoir : - les crochets qui se cassent rapidement - la porte dont les deux parties se superposent mal.

Maya. G

Surpris par la taille mais le produit est super

Jofrey. N

Rebonds ample et souple (qualité nécessaire pour évoluer en sécurité) Filet qui ne peut pas "tomber" sur la toile, risque d accrochage réduit amplement. Matériel de très bonne qualité, sans doute la meilleur que j'ai eu l'occasion de rencontrer pour un trampo de jardin (avis d'un gymnaste expérimenté)

Stephane. W

Très correct

Michel. P

Bon produit

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