Inground kit for 12ft. Jump'Up 360 Trampoline

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Transform your 12ft Jump'Up 360 trampoline into an Inground trampoline.



    Do you want to turn your air-born trampoline into an underground trampoline? Now you can do it easily with this Inground 360 kit, it will allow you to safely bury your 12ft. round Jump'Up trampoline 360.

    - This kit consists of 8 pieces trident shapes that will replace the feet of the trampoline by being fixed under the circular frame of the trampoline. Each piece has 3 pins with T-junction pieces.

    Suitable for 12ft. round Jump'Up 360 trampolines. This kit is compatible with a trampoline with 32mm wide posts and 42mm wide frame.

    - Steel frame. This kit is made from black lacquered steel treated  with anti-corrosion quality identical to the steel structure of your Jump'Up 360 trampoline.

    - Protective skirt included in the Inground kit: It will hide the feet of the trampoline allowing it to blend in with your garden. 

    Installing the Inground trampoline: you must dig a hole, 70cm deep minimum to bury your trampoline. This space should be as big as your trampoline surface and will prevent jumpers from hitting the ground when jumping. The trampoline frame itself must not be buried. 

    Warning, you must dismantle the safety enclosure before setting up this it. As it is not compatible with the use of a safety enclosure. 

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